Cajun Encounters in the News: Pennsylvania Style

When traveling out to the camp today, our mailman carried with him a wonderful gift. Set neatly inside a protected manila envelope addressed to Cajun Encounters, was a news article from Pennsylvania, featuring the happy tale of two families’ visit.

Those families were the Etters and the Jenkins, and we are here to say – thank you! We apCajun Encounters New Orleans Tourspreciate each and every call, email, and visit here, and always get a goofy grin when we receive notes of appreciation. Usually, we feature those notes on our Cajun Encounters Facebook page, but this one was tangible. It’s something we’re able to take a picture of.

So here it is!!

We’re thinking it may be frame-worthy. It may go nicely next to Usher‘s picture on the wall here at the camp. What do you think?

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