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Mar. 5, 2015 : We really enjoyed the noon tour with Captain Greg on March 3rd. It was a nice warm day and very peaceful. Captain Greg was very knowledgeable and very funny. He had lots of funny stories and was very respectful and attentive to our questions. We saw some alligators, snakes, racoons, various birds and the family of wild pigs was very amusing. We also visited a community of riverside residences. The location and washrooms were clean. Approximately 1 hr and 45min tour. We felt very safe and would absolutely recommend this tour. Ask for Captain Greg, he especially made the tour a lot of fun with his humor and stories. Thank-you for an enjoyable afternoon.

Feb. 24, 2015 : On May, 24th we took a mini boat swamp tour which we've very much enjoyed - especially thanks to the captain. We can't remind his name but he told us his former employment was in the offshore O&G industry - Many thanks to him !

Feb. 13, 2015 : I went on the Wednesday 2:45 swamp tour. It was such a great experience I'm really glad I went. The Captain was awesome, he was knowledgeable but kept it funny and interesting. On the tour we saw an alligator, a snake, an egret, even a family of pigs which we learned is called a sounder. The pigs actually came right over to the boat, they were so cute. Definitely a fun time I'm already planning to go again next month. This is a fun and unique experience for the whole family.

Feb. 12, 2015 : We did the Honey Island swamp tour with Captain Troy on February 6, 2015. It was a little cold yet to see any gators, but we did see some wild pigs, eagles, and other birds. The pigs came right up to the boat! I’d recommend this tour, gators or not. The scenery was amazing, not like anything you’d normally see (especially if you’re from the Midwest). The trees were still a little grey but with all the Spanish Moss it was kind of like being in a fairy tale. Captain Troy was friendly and funny and very knowledgeable about the area. After the tour he gave us an opportunity to see/hold a baby gator, which was pretty cool. I hope to return in warmer months and try this tour again.

Jan. 7, 2015 : We did the City Tour with Jason. What a treat! Very informative, great sense of humor and a wealth of information. Great way to get a nice overview of the city & wet your appetite to learn even more of its fascinating history!