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Apr. 22, 2013 : We had fabulous swamp tour with Capt. Troy. Our entire family, including those from TN and Mexico had the best time, especially when the pig ce up to the boat. On a scale of 1-5 stars, Capt Troy gets 7 stars!

Apr. 18, 2013 : The only thing we can tell is that the staff is extrafriendly. We got our Honey Island Svamp Tour booking mixed up with with another provider by our fault, we were late to cancel (one minute before tour started), but the people there were very understanding, and didn't take the money from us.....(a bit embarrassing for us, though. So, you better make sure you are going to the right adress....)

Apr. 17, 2013 : Last week 4 of us went for a tour. We had a marvelous time with our tour guide Troy! He was so very informative. Well worth our time and $$$. We loved it!

Apr. 17, 2013 : My daughter and I had the pleasure of taking a City tour on 4/6/13 with "Jack" Jackson. He was excellent! I have never been a fan of organized tours, but this was the best tour I have ever taken and he was the best tour guide I ever had. Specificially, besides his humor and wit, he was a wealth of information about your beautiful city and explained it all in such a clear way. What a great tour it was and we cannot wait to come back with the rest of the family! Please tell Jack, "New York, who thought the backyard sheds were out-houses, says hi!" Thank you

Apr. 17, 2013 : Thanks to captain Troy. Great day!