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Mar. 17, 2013 : We had an awesome bus ride with Adam. He showed us around on our way to the swamp, giving us loads of information about the area. Our actual swamp guide was with Scott, and he was very good too. We saw alligators, snakes, birds... A definite must if you are in the area.

Mar. 13, 2013 : COMMENTS: THIS IS FOR JEFF, OUR BOAT CAPTAIN...WOW Take me out to the swamp Jeff Take me out to the Hogs, Let's throw some marshmellows and watch them attack, I don't care if WE ever get back, Cause it's smuch, smuch, smuch in the swamp Jeff, We'll catch some frogs while we're there! Cause it's snakes, frogs, gaters and all at the old Swamp Ball! The best time we ever had in New Orleans, swamp that is..... AAAAAh to be 50 years younger....then you would have been in troubole.... But really, outstanding tour...could have not asked for more...TKS the CALIFORNIA GIRLS

Mar. 13, 2013 : My wife and I would like to give Butch a big double shout out thank you. First, for providing a wonderful tour experienc on our city/cemetery tour on Tuesday March 5th. Butch was both enthusiastic and entertaining the entire time. Although he must narrate this tour over and over, he does so with enthusiasm and sincerity that makes you believe it is a special presentation just for you. Second, I was taking notes and pictures for a trip journal I write wherever we travel. I dropped my small notebook on the bus before departing and we could not locate it because the bus was still mostly full. Butch said he would look for it and get it back to our hotel if he found it. The next day we checked with the hotel concierge after checking out and sure as his word, there it was. Going those extra miles to return my notes is a level of service beyond reasonable expectation. Thanks again to Butch for a memorable time for many reasons. Please m! ake sure he receives acknowledgement and recognition for this exemplary level of service. Thanks again.

Mar. 7, 2013 : In Feb. we enjoyed 3 days in New Orleans where we had an opportunity to have a city tour with Jason who could not have been a better guide. At the time a marathon was taking place in the French Quarter and he went out of his way to provide us with an alternative to the original tour. He was very informative, pleasant and a great guide. In the afternoon we took a Bayou Tour with "Fireman Bill" which was also great. Again we had the best guide with many stories since he was born and raised in the area. Only complaint I would have is that the driver who took us out to the Bayou was very hard to understand due to the language issue. I would recommend this tour company to anyone going to New Orleans.

Mar. 5, 2013 : 3/2 Had a great time on the city/cemetery tour with our tour Jason. He was fun,courteous and shared so much information about the city and it's history.