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Aug. 11, 2014 : Drove 700 miles for the swamp tour capt.Bishop did awesome,great for the whole family I would recommend this to anyone we had a blast. We will definitely be back to see more gators. Thanks!

Aug. 9, 2014 : We drove from New Orleans (it was an easy drive). We took an afternoon tour with Capt. Greg on August 7th. He was awesome! The tour was educational and extremely entertaining. We saw a heron eating a fish, lots and lots of marshmallow eating alligators who jumped for their treat, many sun-bathing turtles and lots of BIG insects - one of which Capt. Greg "hypnotized!" We went to a location where wild hogs hang out and waited for them a while but none showed up, you could see the damage they do though. He took us by some of the homes of the locals who fish/crab for a living. We were thoroughly entertained and we were glad we chose Cajun Encounters.

Aug. 4, 2014 : The swamp tour was so exciting! Our tour guide Jason was great with providing a lot of knowledge as well as making it fun and interactive. Would definitely go again!

Jul. 21, 2014 : Had a great time on the swamp tour. Captain Bishop did a great job. Very informative and funny. Would definitely recommend the tour to anyone. Saw lots of gators.

Jul. 19, 2014 : We were so excited to take the swamp tour. Captain Chuck Sr was out guide. He made the tour so exciting and fun for young and old alike. He even let our daughter feed a gator...with a long stick of course. We will definitely recommend this tour to others.