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May. 5, 2009 : Hi. Just wanted to drop you a line. We did the tour with Captain Jerry (Gerry?) April 6th. It was fantastic. We didn't really see many gators due to the high water but that didn't really matter. Capt. Gerry was fantastic, very informative and knowledgeable. We did a motorcycle trip from Winnipeg, Canada to Key West and back and the swamp tour was a definite highlight. (And we did a lot of stuff!) Thanks again!!

May. 3, 2009 : My friend and I went on the Cajun Encounter Swamp tour this past Wednesday- Claude was our Captain and he was great!! This tour definitely deserves #1 Swamp Tour in Louisiana! Claude told us all about being a Cajun, the alligators and other animals in the swamp, the trees, the Hurricane damage, and everything a tourist would want to know about the area! I highly recommend this tour to anyone that is interested in taking a swamp tour! Thank you Claude for sharing the baby alligators with us! This tour was the most memorable part of our trip!- Amanda from Massachusetts

Apr. 18, 2009 : On April 17th the 6th grade gifted children at Pearl River Central Middle School had the priviledge of attending a field trip for the swamp tour at Cajun Encounters. You provided the best field trip I have ever arranged in 20 years of teaching. We had such a large group that we needed 4 boats. Every boat reported that the guides were fantastic. They made the trip so interesting and everyone on board were engaged in what the guides were saying. I loved the fact that a dialog was encouraged. As an educator, I found that our guide covered subject areas such as history, biology, ecology, math and language arts and economics. Thank you for making the tours so personnal. I love the fact that I will be know as the teacher that took the kids on a really cool field trip.

Apr. 8, 2009 : My family & I just went on this tour....it was GREAT. It was very informative & kid friendly. I didn't think it would be as interesting as it was, but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed all the information & history that was discussed during the tour. We happened to be there the same day as Kelly Ripa & her family and we got to see them out on the tour as well, that was very exciting. We were also fed crawfish boil with all the goodies. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Apr. 8, 2009 : I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the wonderful experience we had on the Swamp Tour Sunday morning (4/5/09). We were in town for our 25th wedding anniversary and inquired about various swamp tours. We settled on Cajun Encounters and it was one of the best decisions we ever made! Captain Ted's stories were wonderful!! During the tour, it felt like you left the real world behind and entered another one. Thanks for much for the experience. We'll never forget it!