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Mar. 7, 2009 : I visited New Orleans with my wife for the first time from March 1 - 5. We both had a wonderful time and enjoyed your city very much. Everyone we met was very helpful and friendly. The food was excellent, the music and culture were fantastic and the architecture of the buildings and city is very beautiful. We rode the cable cars. We also took a 3-hour tour of the city on Cajun Tours. I learned more about the history and culture of New Orleans on that tour than if I had sat in classroom for a whole semester. Bob, the tour guide, was very good. His knowledge of the city and its history was vast. He also dispelled some of the myths and lies that have been spread by the mass media about the hurricane and its aftermath. We saw some of the areas that were most devastated by Katrina and the tremendous progress the city has made to rebuild. New Orleans is a real precious jewel. I'm glad that I visted and I will visit again when I can.

Mar. 6, 2009 : This tour was ouSTANDing! A few of us weren't too sure about doing this type of outing on our vacation, but we were SO pleased we did. Captain Ron's knowledge and willingness to share what he knew made the trip very educational, while still keeping it light-hearted and fun. My cousins and I enjoyed the trip VERY much and tell friends and family who are heading to the are that it's a must see. Thank you so much for the great time.

Feb. 25, 2009 : Recently my husband and I took the city tour (2/16) and the swamp tour (2/17)/ We could like to compliment the tour guides "Bob on the City Tour" and Bryan on the "Swmp tour", Both were excellent guides and we learned alot about the cultur and the area. We both agreed it was money worth spending. Thank you.

Jan. 29, 2009 : When I was in New Orleans in October 2008 i took the swamp tour. It was really great and the tour guide-Captain Jerry was very informatiive and friendly. I wasn't sure I would like the swamp but I decided to try it and I found it very interesting. I learned all about the eco system, the wildlife and also the trees and the plants. I was surprised to see the beautiful flowers that bloom in the swamp. The best time to see the flowers is in the spring but I did see some spider lilies and others in October. I love this tour company and I will recommend it to all my friends. The tour bus picked me up right at the hotel and dropped me off back at the hotel. This was an added bonus considering the parking rates in the french quarter. Thanks again I had a wonderful time! Sharon from New Jersey

Dec. 8, 2008 : Hi' Just wanted to let you know how awesome your tour was, this was our 2nd time. We will be back next year. The girls I was with keep talking about Capt' Ted. And have a thing for him. I wanted to ask how I can obtain the recipe for Oyster Bread and wanted to purchase some more Swamp Honey. Thanks Again Be Back next year