Haunted Swamp Tours Running Through the Month of November!!

This year, the team at Cajun Encounters has decided to add something new to the mix – a HAUNTED NIGHT SWAMP TOUR!!

We’ve always been festive, and have been wanting to do this type of thing for years. This year, we had tons of calls, so we thought, “Why not? Let’s do this!”Haunted Swamp Tour

And with that, we set off to create the best haunted experience around.

Our tour starts off with a tour throughout the Honey Island Swamp, just as our top rated night swamp tour does. During this part of the tour, captains will point out the beautiful flora and fauna of the ecosystem under a cover of night starts.

Then, the tour takes a turn into “Dead Man’s Slough,” where the famed Honey Island Swamp Monster is said to reside! Along the way, there are many spooky things to encounter, but we won’t tell you about them here – you’re going to have to come visit us and see!!

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