Honey Island Swamp Monster: Fact or Fiction?

Legend has it that a large, ape-like creature with gray hair, red eyes, and a tepid disposition resides here in the Honey Island Swamp.

Reports at the Cajun Encounters Camp vary from person to person, but those who have seen it say that darts about, more scared of us than we are of it.

Sounds like such a sweet creature!

Known as “Letiche” by the Native Americans, and referred to as “Tainted Keitre” by the Cajuns, the Honey Island Swamp Monster is said to date back to the early 1900’s. It was during this time that a traveling circus met with a traincrash just down the way, resulting in a group of escaped chimpanzees. Some of the chimps fell in “love” with the local swamp gators, and rest, they say, is history. And by history, we mean the birth of the Honey Island Swamp Monster!

As far as sightings go, the first documented occasion was by a retired air traffic controller named Harlan Ford. It was he who took the first footage of the creature on a reel of Super 8 film.

Later, in 1974, news had spread nationwide. Mr. Ford had returned to our area, along with a friend, and found some pretty unsual footprints. Large ones that seemed to show webbed feet!

Since this time, whenever we hear of the Swamp Monster, we are happy to know that he’s still out there, rummaging about. Maybe one day we can find him, shake his hand, and take a picture. Maybe even give him a Hubig’s pie as a token of our affection.

If you have photos of the swamp monster, be sure to send them our way! We’re working on a new feature in dedication to the local legend.

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