Our New Orleans City Tours: What to Expect

Saint Louis Cathedral in New OrleansLet us take a moment say that we are LOVING the user feedback from this site. Please guys, keep it coming! It is our goal to make the site a portal for you guys, so we will build out sections according to what YOU would like to see.

And speaking of user feedback, here’s a formal response to yet another question commonly posed, “Why should I take a New Orleans city tour?”

While it’s true that the French Quarter is small, spanning about 2 miles in total, that’s about as far as it goes if you’d like to see New Orleans by foot. Now don’t get us wrong, it is an AMAZING place, which is why we’ve chosen to live and base our business in the area, but as with most places, well, there’s just more to see.

On a Cajun Encounters tour, you will see some pretty famous landmarks throughout the French Quarter – like the St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, the French Market and Cafe Du Monde. You will be led by the best of the best in tour guides, of which many who’s families have been here for generations.

What you will also see are some pretty historic and famous cemeteries, (don’t worry, you will have a moment to get out and look around), the 9th ward and it’s continuous rebuilding since Hurricane Katrina, the Faubourg Marigny arts district, the famous Treme, the Warehouse district and the expansive and historic houses of uptown New Orleans, where you will see celebrity homes, streetcars and a piece of life away from the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street.

New Orleans CemeteryIn short, we at Cajun Encounters seek to provide visitors with an illustration of our way of life. If there’s a place where you can get that entire view on foot, then please, just let us know.

In the meantime, we have our team striving to provide the true feeling of New Orleans, but of course, with air conditioning.

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