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We provide an unforgettable personal tour of the beautiful and famous Honey Island Swamp

Voted the #1 Cajun Swamp Tour by Locals!

Experience the Honey Island Swamp like no other. Owned and operated by New Orleans natives, Cajun Encounters scouts out the best experts in the field to give you an authentic, safe, personal, hands on tour of the swamp.

We are a local company, and our mission is to give visitors a REALISTIC view of the swamp.

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Using smaller, 22 passenger covered and uncovered boats, (never airboats), we are able to get you closer to wildlife and give you a chance to not only see and smell the swamp, but touch the flora and fauna around you.

Want something more private? Introducing our custom, 10 passenger boats!

Honey Island Swamp Tour
Come visit us for a Honey Island Swamp Tour and see one of the only remaining preserved wetlands in Louisiana.

By booking a tour with Cajun Encounters, you will be able to:

  • Experience a tour recommended by locals and celebrities alike – personally showcased by Kelly Ripa, NBC and CBS! Check out our celebrity videos!
  • Get a closer, more intimate feel of your surroundings, being able to see alligators, raccoons, owls, wild boars, nutria, snakes, turtles, bald eagles, black bears, and many birds just feet away!
  • Feel safe knowing that you are guided by the best in the business. Generations-long New Orleanians, most having lived off of the water all of their lives, and many with field degrees.
  • See one of the only remaining preserved wetlands in Louisiana. Cajun Encounters is a proud member of the Louisiana Nature Conservancy!
  • See an authentic Cajun village, only accessible by boat!
  • Experience something truly unique – there has even been talk of an ivory billed woodpecker sighting, previously believed to be extinct.
  • Tours can be performed privately in French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, as well as many other languages. Contact us directly to get details!

Book your tour now! – Combine two tours and SAVE $8.00!


HONEY ISLAND SWAMP TOUR (Without Transportation)

Adults: $29 | Children (under 12): $19

Tour Times
7:30am (drive out tours only), 9:30am, 12:15pm, 2:45pm, and 5:00pm (seasonal)*Seasonal tours run throughout daylight savings time. $2 discount for AAA, Senior Citizen (65 and older) and U.S. Military. Discounts not valid with other coupons or specials.


Adults: $56 | Children (under 12): $36

Pickup Time Tour Time Return Time (appx)
8:00am 9:30am 12:45pm
10:15am 12:15pm 3:40pm
1:15pm 2:45pm 5:45pm
3:30pm 5:00pm (seasonal) 7:45pm
*Seasonal tours run throughout daylight savings time. $2 discount for AAA, Senior Citizen (65 and older) and U.S. Military. Discounts not valid with other coupons or specials.


More on the Honey Island Swamp

The Honey Island Swamp, located in the eastern portion of St. Tammany parish in Louisiana, is considered to be the most pristine swampland remaining in the United States. It is a government protected wildlife area, with wildlife that includes alligators, bald eagles, raccoon, owls, wild boars, nutria, snakes, turtles, and black bears. Even though the swamp is full of wildlife, it takes a trained eye to actually spot most of it. Our guides are trained to do just that.

Mysteries and legends have enshrouded this swampland for centuries. Since the terrain can be difficult to navigate, it has been a hideout for many who were on the run from law enforcement. Pirates, robbers, murderers, moonshiners, and other unsavory characters have taken refuge in this swampland.

In 1999, an LSU student was hunting turkeys deep into the Honey Island swamp and spotted a pair of “extinct” Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers. This sent the birding community into a frenzy, and some of the most renowned birders from all over the world dispatched to the swamp to search for these Woodpeckers. They scoured much of the swamp and none were ever found.

The most famous mystery surrounds the occasional sightings of the “Honey Island Swamp Monster”. From the many reported sightings, no clear photo has ever been taken of the “thing”. The Honey Island Swamp monster is more than a myth to local fisherman and swamp-dwellers. Over the years, several investigators have produced plaster casts of the supposed monster’s footprints. Although there is little tangible proof of its existence, there are plenty of believers.


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