Cyber Monday Sale and Thanksgiving Tours

Cyber Monday Sale and Thanksgiving Tours

cajun encounters cyber monday sale

Happy Thanksgiving Cajun Nation are you ready for our Annual Cyber Monday Sale? Because all of us sure are, this year we are offering 50% off all Swamp Tours booked for the next Year! This sale is good for Read! ONLY CYBER MONDAY! So starting Cyber Monday for 24 Hours Only you can save bigger than any other time of the year.*

Thanksgiving Tours

This Thanksgiving instead of squawking at the dinner table over Turkey, come fly down to New Orleans and spend it touring the City and nearby Honey Island Swamp. We love to spend time with our patrons and guests as they spend their time with friends and family. Cajun Encounters has for years been a staple of the Slidell Thanksgiving experience, with a dedication to providing service year round.

Fall Swamp Tours

As the Season changes so does the swamp, as the brush retreats our boats can go further back into little areas usually closed off to outsiders. It is the perfect opportunity to see something totally unique to the short winters of Louisiana. Migrating birds, beautiful winter species emerging to the fore, and the magic of that crisp air floating there on the peaceful Louisiana wetlands.

Fall in New Orleans makes for the best Tours

People take decorating seriously in New Orleans and over the Thanksgiving weekend houses all across the city will have complete make overs to celebrate the coming Christmas season. Throughout the French Quarter and Uptown gorgeous New Orleans homes will be decked out with cheer. So make sure you catch all the activity with us.

Thanksgiving Tour Times

Swamp Tours at 9:30 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.

City Tour at 11:30 a.m.

More Cyber Monday Sales

Our Friends over at New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours are joining us on this Cyber Monday Sale offering all of their walking tours 50% off too!


*This Sale is not combinable with any Promotional Offers.

Teamwork: Pulling Through the Floods Together

We’d like to thank our many friends, guests, former guests, and social media connections who checked in on us throughout the torrential rain and flooding events last week.

While the Pearl River experienced record  flooding and river highs, we were fortunate that only our swamp tour docks and parking area took some water.

Our team worked with other professionals in the area to a find higher places to leave dock, and our tours went out on their normal tour route. Tours went out “as normal” and we (and guests) still had a wonderful time on tour.

Many many thanks to everyone who reached out to us about the floods. It means so much to know that we were in the thoughts of so many!

And kudos to everyone on team Cajun Encounters for a job well done!!

Here’s some pictures of the camp to get a view of how things were last week:

Swamp Tour Flood

Photo Mar 15, 2 54 11 PM

Pearl River Louisiana Flood

Louisiana Pearl River

Guest Spotlight: Nyla and Ted Wilkinson

It’s an honor to welcome guests from around world on tour and a joy to share our culture with each new person we meet.

Nothing makes us happier than venturing into the Honey Island Swamp, traveling through the streets of New Orleans, or going to Plantation Alley for a guided excursion.

Even better is the chance to see pictures from guests and hear about their experiences in emails, through reviews on Tripadvisor, on Google+, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

Recently, we received a kind note from some guests who toured the swamp with us. They also shared some pretty wonderful photos!

We thought they’d be the perfect fit for our new “Guest Spotlight” series!


The note and photos below are from Nyla and Ted Wilkinson. Thanks so much for sending, yall!

“We went on our first ever swamp boat tour on March 1, 2016. I never in my life imagined what the experience would be like. Sunny was a  wonderful tour guide. He was very knowledgeable of the environment, birds and animals that live there, and he has a great sense of humor. There is no doubt he loves his job which in turn makes for a fantastic tour.  Thanks Sunny and Cajun Encounters for a wonderful day.”



Alligator Tour New Orleans

New Orleans Swamp Tour

Honey Island Swamp Hog

A Visit from Deafinitely Wanderlust

Here at Cajun Encounters, we have the honor of welcoming guests from across the globe on our tours.

From providing private New Orleans City Cemetery Tours for two honeymooners in town, to greeting groups of over a hundred students at the Honey Island Swamp, to providing pick up service throughout the French Quarter on our Plantation Tour, we’re overwhelmed by the privilege of sharing our culture with visitors to New Orleans.

With this privilege comes the responsibility to give an authentic view of our ways of life, to ensure safe, streamlined travel, and most of all, for our guests to learn and have FUN!

One of the neatest things about giving tours is that while guests get to learn about us, we have the chance to learn about them, as well. While it’s true that we know a good deal about some of our tour guests beforehand, most of the people we meet each day, we get to know on or in the days leading up to the tour.

Recently, we learned that it had been a bit cumbersome for our friends at Deafinitely Wanderlust to explore the swamp. We didn’t know it at the time, but Lilo and Stacey, the writers of Deafinitely Wanderlust, a travel inspiration blog for both Deaf and Hearing communities, had been searching for a bit to line up a tour with an interpreter on board for the excursion.

When Raven, our Groups Coordinator, heard from Lilo and Stacey, she jumped to help them!


swamp tour

Courtesy of


As noted in their blog,

Upon arrival, we met Raven who worked hard to look for an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, named Andrea. We gushed how awe we were in, asking “why is it that you [Cajun Encounters]  decide  to provide an interpreter, comparing to several other swamp tour companies who doesn’t provide?” 

“There’s no reason why you should not come and enjoy touring the swamp.”

She said. BAM, our heart, seriously. We were completely touched with that answer, blushed even.

And we enjoyed having them on tour with us and it looks like they had a great time out on the water.

To read all about their experience, just check out their post here: Deafinitely Wanderlust Visits Cajun Encounters!

group swamp tour

Courtesy of

To  reserve a seat for our next venture out through the Honey Island Swamp, New Orleans City & Cemeteries, or Plantations, book online for instant discounts!


Courtesy of


This year, give your loved one memories to last a lifetime with a Cajun Encounters swamp tour, city cemetery tour, or plantation tour gift certificate.

Until December 31st, gift certificates for tours with transportation are $10.00 off the retail rate!

This special holiday promotion is good only for tour gift certificates bought for two guests or four guests per certificate.

Rates include standard shipping, too, so make sure to make your order on or before December 19th, 2016 to receive yours in time!

Purchase your gift certificate in a ton of varying options.

Be sure to include your mailing address so we can get the packages sent right out to you!






Happy holidays from all of us here at Cajun Encounters. We hope to see you and yours soon!

Halloween Spirit, Swamp Style!

CajunSwampTourIt’s October, 2015, and Halloween is right around the corner.

The team here at Cajun Encounters is in full, festive spirit.

OctoberSwampTourIn addition to the gorgeous cool weather, picturesque scenery, and active local wildlife, guests for our Honey Island Swamp Tour are in for a special treat!

Around each corner are some special Hallow’s Eve decorations, and we must say that this year we’ve truly outdone ourselves.

Be sure to book your swamp tour today and don’t forget to take a selfie with one of our ghoulish, ghastly new additions. They are the perfect backdrop for your Fall vacation photos.


Tag Cajun Encounters on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest pages and we may just share your photo with the world!

HoneyIslandSwampWhile you’re in town, check out our famous New Orleans City Cemetery Tour and our Plantation Tour.

They’re the best way to get a full view of our Southern culture.

Our excursions are top rated on Tripadvisor and our team works hard to make for the most memorable, fun, worthwhile tours around.

Book with us online and see the difference.

Be sure to use code “6OFF” to save $6.00 on tours with transportation service.

For tours with self transport, use code “3OFF” to save $3.00 per seat.



The guests in Captain Henry’s Honey Island Swamp Tour boat had a treat yesterday, as they caught the first sighting of Oreo’s babies.

Oreo is a beautiful wild boar who just so happens to be black and white in color. From the looks of it, she’s now a momma to quite a few baby boars who are about 1-2 weeks old.

Check out the photos below for a closer view!

     swamp tour

Have you come out on a Honey Island Swamp Tour with us? We’d love to see your pictures! Be sure to email them to us, or post on our Facebook or Twitter pages. You can even tag us on Pinterest or Instagram.

Thinking about coming out for a tour? We would love to have you as our guest!! It’s now easier than ever to book with us online. Be sure to use the promo codes noted at the top of the page for ultimate savings!

Swamp Tour Pictures!!

The beauty of the Honey Island Swamp never gets old…. especially when we are given the opportunity to see photos our swamp tour from guests like you!

Each time a picture is emailed to us or posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, the team can’t wait to check it out. It’s a way to rediscover the swamp through the eyes of someone else and the joy it brings is just another one of those things that makes what we do worth it, a million times over.

Just recently, we posted another “all call” for pics, and boy did we get a ton of great shots!

We’ve posted a few of them below for the world to see, as they are definitely worth checking out.

If you’ve been on tour, don’t forget to post some photos of your own! We also love to hear your stories, so if you have a family trip or group you’d like highlighted here on our blog, just email us at We’ll work to get it up as soon as we can.

To book a Cajun Encounters Honey Island Swamp Tour, or Plantation Tour, or our City Cemetery Tour, just check out this page to book online with instant discounts!

honey island swamp tour
photo by Cindy Evans
Swamp Tour Photo
photo by Chrissy Davis
New Orleans Swamp
photo by Cindy Evans
Swamp Hog
photo by Laura Puffer
Honey Island Swamp
photo by LeAnn Schmidt Rohde
Alligator Tour
photo by Jay A Dunlap

Slidell Swamp Tour
photo by Denise Bickford Tomlinson

Gator Tour
photo by Darryl Eames
Gator Tour
photo by Danielle Sather Jones
Louisiana Swamp
photo by Danielle Sather Jones
Gator Tour
photo by LeAnn Schmidt Rohde
Baby Gator
photo by Alan Hammond
Swamp Boat Tour
photo by Jay A Dunlap
Gator Mouth
photo by Darrel Artimus Drake
Wild Pigs
photo by Laine Garner
Swamp Gator Tour
photo by Dawn Davis
Honey Island Swamp Hogs
photo by LeAnn Schmidt Rohde
Gator Tail
photo by Dawn Davis

Cajun Encounters in the News: Pennsylvania Style

When traveling out to the camp today, our mailman carried with him a wonderful gift. Set neatly inside a protected manila envelope addressed to Cajun Encounters, was a news article from Pennsylvania, featuring the happy tale of two families’ visit.

Those families were the Etters and the Jenkins, and we are here to say – thank you! We apCajun Encounters New Orleans Tourspreciate each and every call, email, and visit here, and always get a goofy grin when we receive notes of appreciation. Usually, we feature those notes on our Cajun Encounters Facebook page, but this one was tangible. It’s something we’re able to take a picture of.

So here it is!!

We’re thinking it may be frame-worthy. It may go nicely next to Usher‘s picture on the wall here at the camp. What do you think?

Help Us Name Our Newest Family Member

Readers, we’re calling on YOU help to welcome the newest member of the Cajun Encounters family.

This little guy paid us a visit yesterday, along with his brother, after wondering away from “mama hog”.  His sibling scampered away, but fortunately we were able to help “Potter” (as we like to call him now) get food and shelter.

A tummy full of food was all it took to find his heart. Full of puppy love, he now follows you around, let’s you pet him, flips on his Cajun Encounters Swamp Toursback to let you RUB HIS BELLY, and has the cutest little pig grunts. This is after one day, you guys!

With this sudden adoption comes responsibility, of course. At the moment, we are making a HUGE pen for him in the back of the camp, constructing a “house” made of wood for him, and are finding ourselves spending more and more time in the back yard. How amazing are our lunch breaks going to be now?!

Perhaps after a while, you will be able to pay a visit to him after taking a Honey Island Swamp Tour with us, but first things first – he needs a name!!!

We need your help.

From now until next Wednesday, October 26th, we will be taking suggestions for the absolute BEST moniker this little (soon big) guy could ever have. We’ll even reward the lucky winner with a free New Orleans City Tour, an Oak Alley/Laura Plantation Tour, or a Honey Island Swamp Tour for 2.

We would prefer suggestions be sent via the Cajun Encounters Facebook Page, but feel free to send ideas through Twitter or email.

Stay tuned for much more about “Potter” in the days, weeks, and years coming. You will be able to virtually see him grow into a handsome, big, tusked boar along with us!!