Oil Spill Update

In recent weeks, the team here at Cajun Encounters has received a growing amount of emails from people concerned about the oil spill and it’s effect on our region.

Let us assure you, our tours can and will go on.

While it’s true that the spill has residents a bit anxious, please remember that our communities have been through Hurricane Katrina, and if anyone knows a thing or two about rolling up our sleeves and getting through the craziest of situations it’s us. (And we will do it with our heads held high, most probably while humming a tune).

Our hearts go out to our fishermen, go out to our coast, and go out to those communities in the face of outright danger at this very moment. Many of our staff members travel south on their days off to lend a hand and wash off wildlife effected by the floating oil pockets in the Gulf.

Fortunately, New Orleans is located miles up river from this despair, and the Honey Island Swamp (where our swamp tours depart from) is located 45 minutes north of that. No one taking our tours has seen or been affected by the oil.

We also continue to eat and enjoy local seafood daily, and plan on doing so for years to come. The FDA has pretty strict guidelines, and we trust that they would never risk letting anyone eat food that is less than great tasting, and good for us.

So with that, let us say that if you have a trip planned to anywhere on the Gulf Coast, please keep your reservations. Our culture thrives on hospitality, so seeing your smiling faces might just be that last thing needed to brighten our day.

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