Our Tours Through Your Eyes!! “All Call” For Pictures 2014.

At Cajun Encounters, we love what we do. We appreciate meeting our guests, hearing where they are from, and learning about why they chose New Orleans, Honey Island Swamp, or “Plantation Alley” to visit.

When a guest sends us a “thank you” note, emails us about their experience, or sends us a picture, the entire team wants to see. In short, the chance to see our excursions through someone else’s eyes is a joy.

This week, we made an “all call” on our Facebook page for tour photos, and boy did we get feedback! We wanted to showcase some of the amazing images we received, so be sure to scroll down to check them out!

Swamp Tour Photo
photo by Wendy Hall
Honey Island Swamp
photo by Joey Stanley
Swamp Wildlife
photo by Cindy Evans
photo by Kasey StaffordZimmerman
Swamp Tour Captain
photo by Kimberly Nelson-Gramm
Swamp Gator
photo by Erica Rose Hopper
Gator Mouth
photo by Julie Schultz
Wild Hog Swamp Tour
photo by Verociraptor Pleau
Wild Hog
photo by Erica Rose Hopper
Honey Island Swamp
photo by Erica Rose Hopper
Slave Cabins
photo by Erica Rose Hopper
Laura Plantation Home
photo by Ashley Garst
Oak Alley
photo by Ashley Garst
Laura Plantation
photo by Erica Rose Hopper
Oak Alley
photo by Erica Rose Hopper
sugar cane
photo by Erica Rose Harper
Swamp Tour Boat
photo by Ashley Garst
photo by Joey Stanley

We Love Your Photos!!

Here at Cajun Encounters, we appreciate our beloved city of New Orleans. We appreciate all who travel to experience its splendor, and we love meeting each and every guest on our tours.

From time to time, you guys send us pictures of your trip. This is truly special to us, as we get to experience the Crescent City again through new eyes.

We have included some of our recent New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour photos, Plantation Tour photos, and Honey Island Swamp Tour photos submitted through out facebook page below.

Check’m out!

These two are New Orleans City & Cemetery Tour photos by Susie Agee Roark.

Here’s a picture of our tour guide Butch speaking at one of New Orleans’ historic cemeteries, taken by Jodi Holtz. Dantzler Izard Brunswick sent us the adorable Honey Island Swamp Tour image.

Dantzler also sent us these great photos of Oak Alley and Laura Plantation, taken on our Plantation Tour.

Thanks to all of you who’ve paid us a visit, and all of you who have sent us photos. Please keep them coming!!

Doing Our Part

Cajun Encounters RecyclesWith Earth Day right around the corner, (April 22nd y’all!), we thought we’d take a second to remind everyone to stop, take a breath, and be mindful of their surroundings.

New Orleans, the Honey Island Swamp, Plantation Alley, and all of Louisiana has some of the most beautiful, memorable scenery you’ve ever laid eyes on.  If you have yet to visit, trust us on this one!

Down here, that savory backdrop is a part of life, a necessary component next to crawfish boils, red beans & rice, white “shrimp boots,” 4×4’s, and of course, some jazz or good brass band music.

And while the team here at Cajun Encounters loves to invite people into our world, we do that with a huge responsibility to the environment. It is with this in mind that we’ve implemented our recycling program, a complimentary service that allows our guests to know that they travel with a lesser “foot print.” Just take a look at one of our new recycling receptacles in the picture at right!!

So if you are coming to town in the near or far off future, welcome! Make sure to see, hear and smell as much as you can during your visit.  And remember, there are many ways to give back, be it at home or during a vacation, so perhaps start off small – like putting down your soda can in a bin as opposed to just throwing it out. Every little bit makes a difference!

What is “Plantation Alley”?

laura plantationHello readers!

We hope that you are having a wonderful time visiting New Orleans, living in New Orleans or planning a visit to the Big Easy. And while images of the French Quarter, of street cars, Mardi Gras, wonderously spicy food and of the surrounding swamp all come to mind, we urge you to take time out for something unique, something that will transport you back to the times of old, where there was a slow grace to a person’s walk and a genteel manner that coined the phrase “southern hospitality.”

What we are referring to, of course, are the plantation homes south of New Orleans, set alongside the Mississippi River on River road within a stretch of land the locals like to call, “plantation alley.”

There are quite a few plantations along this stretch, and taking visitors to each and every one of them would prove quite cumbersome. With this in mind, we at Cajun Encounters have put together a tour consisting of two very different but historically key plantation homes – the colorful (really, the plantation is yellow) and wonderfully Creole French “Laura Plantation,” and the charming and astutely detailed old American “Oak Alley Plantation.”

oak alley plantationWhile both of the homes are just down the street from each other, they have a vastly different and equally intriguing story to tell.  From their connections to Europe, to remodeling efforts, to the plethora of blockbuster movies that have been filmed inside their walls, these plantations have made their mark on history.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, please come out and see for yourself!

Read more here, or if you are ready, reserve your seat.