World, Meet “Cochon.”

Thanks to everyone who submitted name suggestions for our adopted baby boar.

We’ve been overwhelmed, (in a good way), by the amount of feedback received through our Facebook page, email and Twitter accounts. It’s been a wild ride!

As you’ll recall, we adopted our little piglet a few weeks ago when he wondered away from his mother. Since then, we’ve built a very large pig pen out back for him, complete with his own “house,” running room, treats, and belly rubs throughout the day. He’s certainly been a hog for attention!!

The only thing needed to truly welcome this guy was a name of his own; and you all came to the rescue!

Some of the top names sent in were “Wilber,” “Porkchop,” “Cutie Pie,” and “Nola.” We had a team meeting and selected the top two for a run-off:

Nujac” (The word “Cajun” spelled backwards.)

Cochon” (Cajun French for “pig.”) and

In the end, Cajun French won out, for a memorable, fitting title. There were a few variations, but the one word name, “Cochon,” won out over its counterparts.

Pronounced “kosh-on,” the moniker was suggested by two of our Facebook fans. Each will be contacted shortly to receive their thank you gift of a FREE tour for two!!

Stay tuned for more pictures, news, and holiday fun from the team here at Cajun Encounters. Make sure to pay a visit, and meet our handsome new family member in his new home!

Saying “Goodbye” to Summer

It’s hard to tell now, but the Crescent City is gearing up for Autumn.

Within weeks, the warm weather will start to feel breezy, the Honey Island Swamp will see migratory birds, the sun will set sooner, and tank tops will be replaced by (at least) long sleeved shirts.

What does this mean? Fun and excitement, of course!!

Whether you live here, or are in town for the Voodoo Music Experience, for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas in New Orleans, there won’t be a shortage of things to do.

The Cajun Encounters team has been hard at work to prepare, too, ordering festive things for the gift shop, preparing inventory, and drilling down some extra fun things to suggest to our guests while they are in town.

How about you? What do you plan to do when the weather changes? Whatever it may be, remember that Cajun Encounters is here to help with your transportation, group tours, and dining!

Cajun Encounters Gator Cake!!

Hey guys,

Check out this cute gator cake made by one of the Cajun Encounters’ team. How cute would this be for a birthday party?

And this cake isn’t the only thing we’ve got cookin’ up!

We’re hard at work perfecting our New Orleans city/cemetery tours, expanding on our plantation tours, and finding new ways to make our swamp tours the best around. We’re even working on tours in different languages!!

How’s that for team spirit? So if you are even thinking of booking a tour, having a birthday party, or just giving us a call, reach out to Cajun Encounters now while there’s still space available!

We’re Getting Excited for Jazz Fest

Well, it’s surely “festival season” down here in New Orleans. That’s what locals like to call this time of year, and yes, it is our favorite!

This Friday marks the start of The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, with acts like Wyclef Jean, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstafunk and Coco Robicheaux taking the stage.

If you’re coming to town for the festival, remember to rest up, wear sunscreen, and have fun during your stay in the Big Easy.

As for us, the team here may take some time after our tours to take in the music and atmosphere. How could you not?

Remember, we can help with any transportation needs throughout your stay, and will be on standby with some fantastic tours of New Orleans to help you get the most out of your vacation here! Come pay us a visit!!

Doing Our Part

Cajun Encounters RecyclesWith Earth Day right around the corner, (April 22nd y’all!), we thought we’d take a second to remind everyone to stop, take a breath, and be mindful of their surroundings.

New Orleans, the Honey Island Swamp, Plantation Alley, and all of Louisiana has some of the most beautiful, memorable scenery you’ve ever laid eyes on.  If you have yet to visit, trust us on this one!

Down here, that savory backdrop is a part of life, a necessary component next to crawfish boils, red beans & rice, white “shrimp boots,” 4×4’s, and of course, some jazz or good brass band music.

And while the team here at Cajun Encounters loves to invite people into our world, we do that with a huge responsibility to the environment. It is with this in mind that we’ve implemented our recycling program, a complimentary service that allows our guests to know that they travel with a lesser “foot print.” Just take a look at one of our new recycling receptacles in the picture at right!!

So if you are coming to town in the near or far off future, welcome! Make sure to see, hear and smell as much as you can during your visit.  And remember, there are many ways to give back, be it at home or during a vacation, so perhaps start off small – like putting down your soda can in a bin as opposed to just throwing it out. Every little bit makes a difference!

“How Should I Dress?” ..”What Should I Bring?” ..A Rundown of What to Expect on your Cajun Encounters Tour

We’ve been getting tons of feedback from both veteran and new tour-goers alike, and it is an honor to hear from such a dynamic and adventurous group of people.

In between the great comments, amazing tour photos, and usual feedback submitted, there are a few common questions that we’d like the chance to answer here on our blog.  We’ll try to answer the most common questions submitted, but if you don’t see your query below, don’t worry! Just write us directly and you should hear from us very soon.

  • “How should I dress for my tour?”

Dress how you would normally! Keep in mind that our tours are operated within the general New Orleans area, so it is usually warm outside. However, as with any city, it is best to check the local weather beforehand to get an idea of what is in store.

For swamp tours, we have both covered and uncovered boats. This means that can get just the amount of sun you wish throughout your excursion.

In addition, each of our tours, (swamp, plantation, city/cemetery and rebirth), require a some walking, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.  You might wish to apply sunscreen and bug repellent, for added protection.

  • “What should I bring along for my tour?”

First and foremost – bring a camera! You will be visiting some pretty unique places, and you’ll want to share your experience with friends and family back home. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

You might wish to bring a snack for longer tours, and something to entertain the young ones while they are in transit to the next tour spot. Bring a little spending money, as you’ll be able to find some tough-to-find souvenirs. Some people also like to bring along notepads to take notes.

Most importantly, bring an open mind and your full attention! This is the chance to see, feel and hear some of the most historic and unique places in the Creole South! Take advantage!

  • “What if it rains or the weather is bad?”

New Orleans has a humid, sub tropical climate, so let’s just say “we’re prepared.”

The city/cemetery tours and rebirth tours are devised to be bus tours, for the most part, so you will get to see everything just as you would on a non-rainy day. There are a few stops, but you do not have to get out and look around if you do not wish to. Instead, you can take in the surroundings from the bus’s very large windows.

For the plantation tours, you do not have to go outside if you do not wish to. As with the city/cemetery tours, you will be able to take in the sites via the large bus windows on the way there, and for each plantation, there are both indoor and outdoor sections of the tour.

As mentioned above, we have procured both covered and non-covered boats for our swamp tours, so guests are covered in the case of rain . As with any boat tour, be prepared for a bit of splashing from the sides of the boat during fast travel, but this is not the kind of splashing that will ruin your outfit.  Of course, if it is a safety hazard, we will work with tour goers to find another tour time, tour, or other way to ensure that everyone has the best experience while in New Orleans. Generally speaking though, swamp tours are meant to be adventurous, and what’s more adventurous than taking in the swamp during a little drizzle?

  • “I want to see something not covered on your regular tour, do you take special requests?”

Certainly! However, to ensure that other guests on the tour receive the best experience possible, we ask that guest with extensive special requests book a private tour. (Our tours are jam-packed with things to see! Sometimes minor deviations in travel routes can cause tours to run over schedule. By booking a private tour, we can make sure that our tour planning specialists devise a route to get you the best for your buck!)

In any case, we at Cajun Encounters know that we can provide the best experience possible throughout your visit to New Orleans.  If you think you’d like to go on a tour, just give us a call.

What is “Plantation Alley”?

laura plantationHello readers!

We hope that you are having a wonderful time visiting New Orleans, living in New Orleans or planning a visit to the Big Easy. And while images of the French Quarter, of street cars, Mardi Gras, wonderously spicy food and of the surrounding swamp all come to mind, we urge you to take time out for something unique, something that will transport you back to the times of old, where there was a slow grace to a person’s walk and a genteel manner that coined the phrase “southern hospitality.”

What we are referring to, of course, are the plantation homes south of New Orleans, set alongside the Mississippi River on River road within a stretch of land the locals like to call, “plantation alley.”

There are quite a few plantations along this stretch, and taking visitors to each and every one of them would prove quite cumbersome. With this in mind, we at Cajun Encounters have put together a tour consisting of two very different but historically key plantation homes – the colorful (really, the plantation is yellow) and wonderfully Creole French “Laura Plantation,” and the charming and astutely detailed old American “Oak Alley Plantation.”

oak alley plantationWhile both of the homes are just down the street from each other, they have a vastly different and equally intriguing story to tell.  From their connections to Europe, to remodeling efforts, to the plethora of blockbuster movies that have been filmed inside their walls, these plantations have made their mark on history.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, please come out and see for yourself!

Read more here, or if you are ready, reserve your seat.