A Visit from Meier’s Weltreisen!

OSwamp Tourn Saturday, November 14th, 2015, the team at Cajun Encounters was honored to welcome Meier’s Weltreisen to town for a Honey Island Swamp Tour.

Working in partnership with the St. Tammany CVB and Louisiana Office of Tourism, PNO’s group sales manager, Leslie Cunningham, and coordinator, Hannah Alley, organized the visit, greeting the group with packets and goodies for their customized private tour.

The group was accompanied by Louisiana German Rep Karen Gilsdorf and St. Tammany CVB Manager Tanya Leader.

While out in the swamp, the tour was led by the renowned Captain Bishop, who has appeared on countless blogs and tv shows!

It was certainly a joy to have the folks at Meier’s Weltreisen come out on the water with us.

Top tour operators in Germany, specializing in USA bound travel, the group came to town to experience all that New Orleans has to offer first hand.

What a ton of fun!!








Designated Pick Up Spots ONLY For French Quarter Fest, April 9-12, 2015

It’s almost time for French Quarter Festival!

For all of you in town during the fest – which is this Thursday, April 9th – Sunday, April 12th – thank you for coming to the “quarter.” Remember to have fun, to wear sunscreen, and to save time for a Honey Island Swamp Tour, a New Orleans City Cemetery Tour, or a Plantation Tour!

During this time of year, the city closes access to many streets in the area and restricts access to other passageways. They do this for your safety, and safety is something we at Cajun Encounters wholeheartedly support.

Because of these street closings, we have enacted our DESIGNATED PICK UP LOCATION PLAN.

Throughout Thursday, April 9th – Sunday, April 12th, we will provide pick up ONLY at the following locations:

  1. The Ritz-Carlton (921 Canal St.)
  2. The Astor Crowne Plaza (739 Canal St)
  3. The New Orleans Marriott (555 Canal St)

When making reservations online, please be sure to choose one of these three locations to ensure that we connect.

When giving us a call, we will work with you to find the spot nearest to your hotel.

For questions or to find out which spot is closest to you, just check out Google Maps or give us a call.

Thank you for your patience as we work to accommodate everyone with the world class service our team is known for. Happy festing! And happy touring!!!

Cajun Encounters Featured on “1st Look” with Audrina Patridge!!

Nothing beats the beauty of the Honey Island Swamp. We love working here, and having the opportunity to see so many smiling faces on our swamp tours.

Last week, one of those faces included The Hills alum Audrina Patridge . She and her team came out to visit while filming a new travel show for NBC called 1st Look.

1st Look is a travel show, so it makes sense why they came out to see us. You can’t visit New Orleans without seeing the Crescent City’s surrounding swamp! So much of our famous culture started right here.

We’ll be on the look out for the episode, and will post the footage right here on our blog. Be sure to check back soon to see it too. Better yet, set your DVR for 1st Look on NBC!!Honey Island Swamp Tour

Open For Tours on St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Nola St. Patrick's DayCajun Encounters is open for all tours this weekend!  We invite you to grab some friends and family, and celebrate the day with us.

Spots are filling up quick, so call us now to reserve your seat for a Honey Island Swamp Tour, New Orleans City Tour, or a Plantation Tour.

Looking forward to eating some cabbage soup, seeing some great green attire, and meeting you all.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Cajun Encounters in the News: GROUP TOUR MAGAZINE

We are proud to report that Group Tour Magazine has highlighted Cajun Encounters tours in their recent article, “Gator group tours in Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp”.

Check out the sweet things they had to say about our Swamp Tours, New Orleans City Cemetery Tours, Plantation Tours, and the Honey Island Swamp:

Group Touring Louisiana

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Days like these make us love what we do.Swamp Frog

This morning, we received a “Thank You” card from Ali and her Nana. They had taken a Honey Island Swamp Tour with us a small while ago, and during their visit had picked up a plush frog Ali quickly named “Louis”. Unfortunately, Louis couldn’t be found after a game of Hide and Seek, so her Nana reached out to us.

The team here jumped on it, and sent one of our frogs “in hiding” here at the shop. After a short while, Ali and her frog were back together, and Nana thanked us with this beautiful card and photo.

It’s always touching when you get a note of appreciation. Here’s to Nana, Ali, and Louis!

We’re Back After Hurricane Isaac and Better Than Ever!

Last week, the city of New Orleans and its surrounding areas faced the wrath of Hurricane Isaac. No one we spoke to was really worried. It was supposed to be a Category 1, and to the folks of Louisiana that’s just a hard storm! Boy, were we wrong.

Yes, Hurricane Isaac was a lesser category, but it hovered over us for THREE DAYS, dumping water on us, and shooting debris everywhere with its high gusts of wind.

Luckily, the city did fine, sans being out of power for a few days. At the camp, there was flooding, lots of fallen branches to pick up, and breech scare of the Pearl River to worry about. The Cajun Encounters team quickly arrived as soon as possible and got to work cleaning up. Bathrooms were cleaned, trash was taken out, branches were cleared out, and everywhere got a good scrubbing. By the Saturday following the storm, we were back in action. (And after almost a week of going crazy, stuck in our homes for days, being back at work was amazing!!)

Here’s some pictures of “Clean Up Day”. We’re so proud of the team for pulling together.

Cajun Encounters in the News: Pennsylvania Style

When traveling out to the camp today, our mailman carried with him a wonderful gift. Set neatly inside a protected manila envelope addressed to Cajun Encounters, was a news article from Pennsylvania, featuring the happy tale of two families’ visit.

Those families were the Etters and the Jenkins, and we are here to say – thank you! We apCajun Encounters New Orleans Tourspreciate each and every call, email, and visit here, and always get a goofy grin when we receive notes of appreciation. Usually, we feature those notes on our Cajun Encounters Facebook page, but this one was tangible. It’s something we’re able to take a picture of.

So here it is!!

We’re thinking it may be frame-worthy. It may go nicely next to Usher‘s picture on the wall here at the camp. What do you think?

Swamp Tour Photos!!

Thanks to guest Jodi Cruse for sending these our way.

Honey Island Swamp Tour Gator Tour

Honey Island SwampGator Tour Sign

Cajun Encounters TourSwamp Tour

Coming to New Orleans for Jazz Fest? Welcome!!

Whether the Crescent City’s calling your name, or Bruce Springsteen’s the one you “can’t miss,” Jazz Fest is the place to be this weekend. (Next weekend too!)

Local weathermen are noting some “cooler than normal” temperatures, and the food is set to be as hot and spicy as ever. How perfect!

On behalf of Cajun Encounters, welcome, all of you, to our beloved city. We know that the next two weeks are going to be a blast, and we look forward to having visitors in our “home.”

If you’ve allotted any extra time in your party agenda to check out the city, it is highly recommended. We’re offering special discounts for our New Orleans City Tours, Honey Island Swamp Tours, and Plantation Tours if you book online.

If you have questions about anything at all, feel free to reach out.

Again – welcome!!