The guests in Captain Henry’s Honey Island Swamp Tour boat had a treat yesterday, as they caught the first sighting of Oreo’s babies.

Oreo is a beautiful wild boar who just so happens to be black and white in color. From the looks of it, she’s now a momma to quite a few baby boars who are about 1-2 weeks old.

Check out the photos below for a closer view!

     swamp tour

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A Visit From “Hey USA”

If you’re not yet familiar with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart, we are proud to make the introduction. These gals are real life besties, social media super stars, and a ton of fun to be around.

We can vouch for this personally, because they just came out to see us!

The premise was simple: Kidnap their biggest fan. Take him to the Honey Island Swamp. Then surprise him with a Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour. Capture everything on camera for the show Hey USA and post everything online!

We have to say, we had a blast. It was an honor to show everyone around and have them see what we do each day.

The video seems to be a hit too! It has thousands of views and hundreds of comments on Youtube within just a day of posting. It’s pretty entertaining, so we can certainly see why.

Check out the spot below and see for yourself.

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Swamp Tour Lands Cover of “Small Market Meetings”

A few weeks ago, we were honored to have the folks from the highly regarded tourism industry publication, “Small Market Meetings,” come out to see us.

We took pride in showing them the beautiful Honey Island Swamp, introducing them to the colossal alligator known as “Big Al,” and talking shop about just what our small, 22 passenger boats can do. After all, we do have quite a few of those swamp boats in our fleet, so what better way to have a fun, unique excursion for groups in town?

Check out the article below and see what it’s all about. When you’re done, make sure to make a swamp tour reservation for yourself!

louisiana swamp tour

gator tour

A Special Visit From Arnold Schwarzenegger!!

arnold schwarzenegger swamp tourYou never know who or what you’ll bump into in the Honey Island Swamp.

This week, it was none other than legendary film star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was in town filming Terminator 5.

Of course, we were starstruck, but Mr. Schwarzenegger was a very kind and friendly. He even stopped to take this picture with Cajun Encounters President, Jeff Rogers, and Jeff’s son, Landon.

We had a great time on tour with him, and from the looks of it, he had fun too. A big thanks to tour boat Captain Troy Twilley, who we can count on time and time again to run an excellent swamp tour.

Now we just have to wait until Terminator 5 hits the screen! It’s sure to be a great movie!

The Savvy Stews Land in New Orleans!!

The Savvy Stews are known for providing excellent advice on the most sought out destinations in the world.

This week, their feature travel segment focuses on New Orleans, and we must say they chosen some great spots to visit. From cooking, to carriage rides, to a stroll along Frenchmen Street, excellent meals, and more, their visit gives a well rounded view of some of the wonderful “can’t miss” locations throughout the Crescent City.

When hearing that Gailen David and Bobby Laurie were coming to town, we knew we had to invite them out to see the Honey Island Swamp. We’re so happy they had time in their itinerary to for the tour.

Check out the video below for The Savvy Stews’ visit to the camp. You’ll see us around 1 minute, 15 seconds in. Looks like they had fun!


As a company who provides Eco Tours, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously.

This year we are taking “going green” to a whole new level! We have some some exciting things up our sleeve, including better energy sources, better ways to recycle, and initiatives to reduce our footprint.

To kick things off we are hosting an event next week called “The Big Pearl River Cleanup” and we need some helping hands!!

The event is next Wednesday, February 26th, from 4-6PM. We’ll be going out on boats and making the Honey Island Swamp even MORE beautiful. We have boats, captains, team members, and cleaning supplies all set and ready to go and there’s still some space available for guests to volunteer!!

If you would like to participate in “The Big Pearl River Clean Up” just give shoot us an email at Spots are limited, so reach out soon!! All are welcome to come.

Cajun Encounters Featured on “1st Look” with Audrina Patridge!!

Nothing beats the beauty of the Honey Island Swamp. We love working here, and having the opportunity to see so many smiling faces on our swamp tours.

Last week, one of those faces included The Hills alum Audrina Patridge . She and her team came out to visit while filming a new travel show for NBC called 1st Look.

1st Look is a travel show, so it makes sense why they came out to see us. You can’t visit New Orleans without seeing the Crescent City’s surrounding swamp! So much of our famous culture started right here.

We’ll be on the look out for the episode, and will post the footage right here on our blog. Be sure to check back soon to see it too. Better yet, set your DVR for 1st Look on NBC!!Honey Island Swamp Tour

Cajun Encounters in VIP Magazine!!

Cajun Encounters has been featured in a spot on summer travel by none other than VIP Magazine.

The team here is so excited for the spot, and we thank the writers for reaching out to us from Beaumont, Texas.

Check out our “blurb” below. It mentions our authentic Swamp Tour, the Honey Island Swamp, and our City Cemetery Tour, which are all such fun things to experience. Don’t forget, the Plantation Tour is great to do when it’s warm out because there’s a ton of air condition!!

Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour News

Cajun Encounters in Times Square!!

best swamp tour

Our friends at Louisiana Northshore have just sent word about a Cajun Encounters photo being spotted in Times Square. We had no idea, and we cannot tell you how excited we are.

A big thanks to our friends at for making this possible. It has truly made our day.

Gators are taking over the big apple y’all!!! Remember, this photo is NOT photoshopped in any way. Those of you who have been on a swamp tour can certainly attest to that.


Reunited And It Feels So Good

Days like these make us love what we do.Swamp Frog

This morning, we received a “Thank You” card from Ali and her Nana. They had taken a Honey Island Swamp Tour with us a small while ago, and during their visit had picked up a plush frog Ali quickly named “Louis”. Unfortunately, Louis couldn’t be found after a game of Hide and Seek, so her Nana reached out to us.

The team here jumped on it, and sent one of our frogs “in hiding” here at the shop. After a short while, Ali and her frog were back together, and Nana thanked us with this beautiful card and photo.

It’s always touching when you get a note of appreciation. Here’s to Nana, Ali, and Louis!