The Savvy Stews Land in New Orleans!!

The Savvy Stews are known for providing excellent advice on the most sought out destinations in the world.

This week, their feature travel segment focuses on New Orleans, and we must say they chosen some great spots to visit. From cooking, to carriage rides, to a stroll along Frenchmen Street, excellent meals, and more, their visit gives a well rounded view of some of the wonderful “can’t miss” locations throughout the Crescent City.

When hearing that Gailen David and Bobby Laurie were coming to town, we knew we had to invite them out to see the Honey Island Swamp. We’re so happy they had time in their itinerary to for the tour.

Check out the video below for The Savvy Stews’ visit to the camp. You’ll see us around 1 minute, 15 seconds in. Looks like they had fun!