A Visit From “Hey USA”

If you’re not yet familiar with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart, we are proud to make the introduction. These gals are real life besties, social media super stars, and a ton of fun to be around.

We can vouch for this personally, because they just came out to see us!

The premise was simple: Kidnap their biggest fan. Take him to the Honey Island Swamp. Then surprise him with a Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour. Capture everything on camera for the show Hey USA and post everything online!

We have to say, we had a blast. It was an honor to show everyone around and have them see what we do each day.

The video seems to be a hit too! It has thousands of views and hundreds of comments on Youtube within just a day of posting. It’s pretty entertaining, so we can certainly see why.

Check out the spot below and see for yourself.

For spots on your own Honey Island Swamp Tour, get instant online discounts here.

Thanks to AAA Travel News for the Visit!!

What a wonderful write up. We are so glad the folks at AAA came out for a New Orleans City Cemetery Tour.

Check out their article below!

AAA Tour Recommendation

Help Us Name Our Newest Family Member

Readers, we’re calling on YOU help to welcome the newest member of the Cajun Encounters family.

This little guy paid us a visit yesterday, along with his brother, after wondering away from “mama hog”.  His sibling scampered away, but fortunately we were able to help “Potter” (as we like to call him now) get food and shelter.

A tummy full of food was all it took to find his heart. Full of puppy love, he now follows you around, let’s you pet him, flips on his Cajun Encounters Swamp Toursback to let you RUB HIS BELLY, and has the cutest little pig grunts. This is after one day, you guys!

With this sudden adoption comes responsibility, of course. At the moment, we are making a HUGE pen for him in the back of the camp, constructing a “house” made of wood for him, and are finding ourselves spending more and more time in the back yard. How amazing are our lunch breaks going to be now?!

Perhaps after a while, you will be able to pay a visit to him after taking a Honey Island Swamp Tour with us, but first things first – he needs a name!!!

We need your help.

From now until next Wednesday, October 26th, we will be taking suggestions for the absolute BEST moniker this little (soon big) guy could ever have. We’ll even reward the lucky winner with a free New Orleans City Tour, an Oak Alley/Laura Plantation Tour, or a Honey Island Swamp Tour for 2.

We would prefer suggestions be sent via the Cajun Encounters Facebook Page, but feel free to send ideas through Twitter or email.

Stay tuned for much more about “Potter” in the days, weeks, and years coming. You will be able to virtually see him grow into a handsome, big, tusked boar along with us!!

Support Local!

Hello readers, and happy August!

As it is getting “sizzling” down here in the Big Easy, we thought it would be a great time to remind readers that now, more than ever, is a good time to support New Orleans businesses.

Although, in our opinion, the heat is great for gator watching (they love to sunbathe), it’s good for city tours (why not? you’re in a lush, air-conditioned bus) and the plantation homes you visit on our tours are DESIGNED to beat the heat with their sheer construction. Besides, you’ll have to elbow your way through a much smaller crowd to see the good stuff. So what isn’t there to like?

One man that sees our point of view is New Orleans’ very own John Besh.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, Mr. Besh is a bit of a local royalty. We love our food down here, and that means that we like our chefs on a first name basis. John owns some of the most amazing restaurants in the area (La Provence, The American Sector, Lüke, and Besh Steak) and has been featured in the national media.

So, with that said, we’ll let him take it from here:

Swamp Tour In Action

Hey guys,

We just received this amazing video, shot by Allison Hickman. If you ever wondered what it was like to take a tour, the video does a great job of summing up the experience.

Tell us what you think!