The Small Boat Difference

“Why don’t you guys offer air boat tours?”

We get this question pretty often, and now, we’d like to set the record straight (in writing).

Air boat tours are fun and adventurous, and if you are looking for a thrill, we’d definitely recommend them. There is nothing like having the wind in your hair while out on the bayou on a pretty day.

Cajun Encounters tours, however, are devised for a different kind of adventure – one filled with wildlife, up close vegetation, storytelling and Q&A.

By having smaller, 23 passenger boats, we are able to wind through the narrow passageways of the swamp, getting closer than ever to the homes of our favorite gators, and without the loud noise of an air boat engine to scare them away. In fact, alligators often come up to an arm’s length away from visitors, looking for some tasty marsh mellows (which they love), and allowing for some amazing photo taking opportunities. Having a quieter boat also allows you to see some of the amazing birds in the area, from egrets, to owls, woodpeckers, and more.

Smaller, quieter boats also allow for open discussion throughout the tour. If you visit the Honey Island Swamp with Cajun Encounters, 9 times out of 10, you will find out where the people sitting next to you are from, who on the boat is the history buff, who’s the animal lover, who’s tried what food in the city, and so on. Each one of you make for a truly unique, personal experience.

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