Visit Oak Alley Plantation with Cajun Encounters

Oak Alley Plantation is one of the most sought-after plantation tours in the South. For the true Antebellum plantation experience, you simply can’t miss out on the mansion that has been dubbed the “Crown Jewel” of the River Road Plantations.

Thanks to its pristine setting and photogenic line of live Oaks leading to the entrance, Oak Alley is frequently featured in movies and TV series. From the moment you set foot on the grounds, you’ll see why: the home itself has been beautifully renovated, and furnished with period furniture and decorations. The original trees, older even than the structure itself, still grace the property. And recreated slave cabins house photographs, informational guides, and memorials to the many slaves who worked the plantation.

While visiting Oak Alley, be sure to enjoy the cafe and restaurant, tour guides in traditional period dress, and above all, the many exhibits surrounding the house that offer a more in-depth look at plantation life and the Antebellum era. You can easily spend a few hours or a full day exploring one of Louisiana’s finest Antebellum plantations: Oak Alley.

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