We’re Back After Hurricane Isaac and Better Than Ever!

Last week, the city of New Orleans and its surrounding areas faced the wrath of Hurricane Isaac. No one we spoke to was really worried. It was supposed to be a Category 1, and to the folks of Louisiana that’s just a hard storm! Boy, were we wrong.

Yes, Hurricane Isaac was a lesser category, but it hovered over us for THREE DAYS, dumping water on us, and shooting debris everywhere with its high gusts of wind.

Luckily, the city did fine, sans being out of power for a few days. At the camp, there was flooding, lots of fallen branches to pick up, and breech scare of the Pearl River to worry about. The Cajun Encounters team quickly arrived as soon as possible and got to work cleaning up. Bathrooms were cleaned, trash was taken out, branches were cleared out, and everywhere got a good scrubbing. By the Saturday following the storm, we were back in action. (And after almost a week of going crazy, stuck in our homes for days, being back at work was amazing!!)

Here’s some pictures of “Clean Up Day”. We’re so proud of the team for pulling together.

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