What is “Plantation Alley”?

laura plantationHello readers!

We hope that you are having a wonderful time visiting New Orleans, living in New Orleans or planning a visit to the Big Easy. And while images of the French Quarter, of street cars, Mardi Gras, wonderously spicy food and of the surrounding swamp all come to mind, we urge you to take time out for something unique, something that will transport you back to the times of old, where there was a slow grace to a person’s walk and a genteel manner that coined the phrase “southern hospitality.”

What we are referring to, of course, are the plantation homes south of New Orleans, set alongside the Mississippi River on River road within a stretch of land the locals like to call, “plantation alley.”

There are quite a few plantations along this stretch, and taking visitors to each and every one of them would prove quite cumbersome. With this in mind, we at Cajun Encounters have put together a tour consisting of two very different but historically key plantation homes – the colorful (really, the plantation is yellow) and wonderfully Creole French “Laura Plantation,” and the charming and astutely detailed old American “Oak Alley Plantation.”

oak alley plantationWhile both of the homes are just down the street from each other, they have a vastly different and equally intriguing story to tell.  From their connections to Europe, to remodeling efforts, to the plethora of blockbuster movies that have been filmed inside their walls, these plantations have made their mark on history.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, please come out and see for yourself!

Read more here, or if you are ready, reserve your seat.

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