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Cajun Encounters Reviews

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5 Stars - Based on 45890 User Reviews
Nicola k. Avatar
Nicola K.
A great little tour. Did it in December and as Captain Dustin our guide shared, the trees act like a natural mosquito repellent during the heat of summer and of course during the winter we had no bugs either. Was very tranquil and Captain Dustin is very knowledgeable! We managed to see plenty of raccoons, ospreys, and a baby gator.

Highly recommend it! Bring a jacket in the winter though, it gets cold!
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Stephanie s. Avatar
Stephanie S.
Capt. Steve was fabulous! Very knowledgeable, patient and funny! Love that Cajun Encounters feeds the wildlife natural food that is nutritious and not the marshmallows we’ve seen in videos. Shows they care about the wildlife while educating the public with up close encounters. Will certainly be back in the spring/summer to see the swamp come to life and to see George again! IYKYA 😉
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Norissa s. Avatar
Norissa S.
Had a fantastic experience on this tour. We were able to see 4 cross and a plethora of wildlife. Our Captain Lane was well informed and able to answer many on the spot questions. We even had some bayou neighbors come out and show us their catch of the day. This was a great tour from start to finish.
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Heather l. Avatar
Heather L.
This was an amazing experience! Our bus driver was Justina and she gave us great knowledge on our way to the boat ride. We then had Captain Scott, who was the best! Very knowledgeable and catered well to his guests! Highly recommend!
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William z. Avatar
William Z.
Captain Jacob gave us a fantastic ride through the swamplands. He knew exactly where to take us to see gators, raccoons, and many bird species. His knowledge of the swamp and river systems was impressive, something only a local would know. Highly recommended. And thanks to our driver Justina for our informative drive to and from NOLA.
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Tamara s. Avatar
tamara s.
Captain Dustin was exceptional! Extremely informative and funny. Great personality!
When there was an animal or something exciting to see, he’d get as close as possible
for pictures! Great experience! Highly recommend.
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Leanne p. Avatar
Leanne P.
Captain Jakob was AMAZING! He was so informative, made sure we saw lots of animals, let us watch animals a good amount of time. The swamp is so beautiful! This swamp tour exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it!
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Brandy l. Avatar
Brandy L.
It was an amazing experience from start to finish 🙌 Our bus driver Derek was awesome and gave us a bonus tour of everything along the route and had great recommendations for what to see, do, and eat in the area. Boat Capt. Zander was very knowledgeable about the swamps and made sure everyone got to see and take photos of all the wildlife we encountered on the tour. The scenery was gorgeous and so serene. Loved everything about it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend y'all come see it for yourself.
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J r. Avatar
J R.
Really enjoyed the tour. Our guide, Captain Scott, was great. He is very thoughtful of and knowledgeable. We had a great experience and loved the views. I would love to come back in the spring. The website was very easy to navigate and do our reservations and all the staff is very friendly. They have clean restrooms and a souvenir shop.
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Albaljr avatar
Captain Zander is a swamp guy and gave us the best tour of his home. Lots of laughs with his local friends and family on the shore. He knows the waters and the wildlife and tells a great story. The transportation was excellent. Enjoyed Larry’s sight seeing commentary on the ride out. Highly recommend!
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Carly s. Avatar
Carly S.
Captain Jacob was amazing. This tour is WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! We are outdoor people and have spent a lot of time around wildlife and he showed us so many new things and taught us so much! He also made sure to turn the boat to help us catch some amazing shots as well. We got to see multiple species, even alligator even though they are hard to find and entering their dormant season. This tour also takes you by the large tree used by Disney as inspiration for Mama Odie’s tree in Princess and the Frog. I would definitely come back and do a private tour with him in a heartbeat. He was great with the large group, but was so interesting to talk to, it would be wonderful to get more of his experience and knowledge. I don’t do reviews very often, but this experience deserved a review!
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Linda h. Avatar
Linda H.
Took our 2 device focused teens on a swamp tour & we all enjoyed it! Captain John K was a fantastic guide & historian, so knowledgeable about the area, wildlife, lifestyle. We saw gators, many gorgeous birds, adorable raccoons digging for crayfish, turtles & even wild boars. Capt John K is a local & respectful about environment. No bugs on our late Nov tour. We always felt safe & comfortable. Highly recommended; highlight of our trip & worth the money. Bus trip from French Quarter goes by fast, comfy bus w bathroom. Our driver Dwayne (aka ‘socks’) was excellent, also very knowledgeable about the area and wonderfully entertaining. Definitely a 5 star experience!
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Bella m. Avatar
Bella M.
Derek, the bus driver, was very informative. I enjoyed and appreciated his insight and recommendations (headed to Neyow’s as soon as we get back).
Our Captain Bishop Keller was a pleasure. I love a good pun and he did not disappoint! Wish there was a bar on the boat so I could have bought him a drink. 10/10 would recommend!
The entire experience, from the drive in and the boat ride, was definitely worth the price.
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Beth s. Avatar
Beth S.
Captain Todd and the entire Cajun Encounter experience was fantastic! Captain was so knowledgeable and funny! He gave us so much interesting information about the history and wildlife. He easily answered all of our questions. The ride itself was so fun and beautiful and exciting!
Our bus driver Joy was also great. She also gave us a lot of interesting information about the areas we drove through. I highly highly recommend this tour and Captain Todd
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John s. Avatar
John S.
The greatest captain ever. Super fun, knowledgeable, and he went out of his way to accommodate everyone. My hats off to Captain Steve. Great tour bus service as well. Thanks Michele. Loved her knowledge of New Orleans. Great experience all the way around.
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Jenn m. Avatar
Jenn M.
Captain Steve was great! He was very knowledgeable and kept our 3rd graders engaged. They loved seeing George (the raccoons). I particularly liked that Cajun Encounters has upgraded what they use to feed the wildlife. They used to feed them marshmallows, but now they feed them something much better for the animals. It was a fun experience!
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Gregory h. Avatar
Gregory H.
Randy was an amazing guide, navigating miles of swamp in search of local wildlife. He was full of knowledge about the swamp’s flora and fauna, as well as the gators and other animals. There were less gators in the cooler weather, but the tour would have been worth it even if we didn’t see any. It was a relaxing and fun way to experience the Louisiana outdoors. There were multiple boats out at the same time, but it still felt like a personal experience and the banter between the guides was hilarious. I would highly recommend this tour if your NOLA travel plans allow time!
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Susan a. Avatar
Susan A.
First. Our bus driver, Derek, was not only a great driver but also a terrific guide! Shared many points of interest, information and great stories. High marks for Derek! Secondly, our swamp guide, Capt. Chris, was absolutely phenomenal! So much great information about the swamp and wildlife that we saw in November! About 20 alligators, wild pigs, Great Blue Herons, raccoons and more. We had a great time and highly recommend Capt. Chris!
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Sarah m. Avatar
Sarah M.
I cannot understate how much fun we had on this tour! The bus that picked us up already exceeded expectations, it was gloriously air conditioned and large, we felt very safe the entire time. Our bus driver gave us entertaining little bits of knowledge as we approached Honey Island and our boat captain was also incredibly knowledgeable and made it such a fun experience. The gift shop was really neat and everything was priced fairly in my opinion. The natural beauty of the area cannot be understated, either. We saw gators, lots of gorgeous plants, a wild pig, and some adorable raccoons.
The only, only thing I can complain about is I wish I had a little more time in the gift shop before we boarded the bus back, but I obviously still had time to shop.
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Monica t. Avatar
Monica T.
This was absolutely fantastic! Everything I was hoping for. The guides were very knowledgeable and we saw lots of animals including gators. They have a little gift shop and bathrooms you can stop at before you depart. They sell snack and drinks, but you can also bring your own. The swamp is alive and beautiful, I can't wait to bring my family and friends!
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Jessica m. Avatar
jessica m.
Captain Steve was a fantastic guide!! Very knowledgeable of the history of the area and the plants/animals encountered along our ride. He was an absolute pleasure to talk to and was very engaging. It was an amazing experience and so glad we were able to ride in one of the smaller boats during the morning hours. Definitely would recommend.
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Christina k. Avatar
Christina K.
Captain Everett was a fantastic guide, made sure we stopped and all got looks at and pictures of the animals! Was very knowledgeable and funny, saw almost a dozen gators and my favorite part- the raccoons! Tour was worth every dollar, everyone from the driver to captain to store employees were wonderful. Will be going again next time I come down, thank you Cajun encounters!
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Becca h. Avatar
becca h.
Scott is an amazing tour guide! So knowledgeable and made sure that everyone could see the wild life and is an expert at the different swamp species. Had a wonderful time! Steve is the best bus driver as well! Smooth and easy commute with a lot of knowledge about the city and its history.
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Delia c. Avatar
Delia C.
Melinda on bus 3 was an absolute delight. She made the bus journey interesting and even though we weren't booked on the tour let us on board and organised for us to be part of the tour experience.
When we were on the boat with Captain Pat, he was amazing and cracked jokes to keep us amused. He was very knowledgeable about the water and we were treated to all the animals being out on the water during the tour. For any tourist; guaranteed value for money!!!
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Tairis h. Avatar
Tairis H.
Absolutely amazing tour! Captain Wade had so much knowledge and showed us lots of alligators! We also got to see raccoons, snakes, spiders… it was just incredible! I would definitely recommend!
The bus driver Steve was also the best! He knew so much of the history and made the drive to the boat very pleasant
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Mariah h. Avatar
Mariah H.
Our boat captain Steve was very good and he gave amazing detail about the environment. Captain Steve had a great humor and made many people laugh he made the experience so fun.

Also our bus driver Derick was amazing he told us about so many Greta food places to try and he told us all about the town and how the hurricanes hit it was so educational
And exiting.
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Frank r. Avatar
Frank R.
Simply amazing! One of the best tours available in the big easy. Being that close to all the animals in the swamp is something that I’ll never forget. The tour guide we had was not only fantastic, but incredibly patient as we had one person on the tour that was a bit too vocal. It was great to learn about the rich history and I would do this tour every time I visit New Orleans.
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Kimberly b. Avatar
Kimberly B.
There's a reason it's so highly rated. It really is that good. Our tour guide Lane was SO nice and took his time showing us everything we could see. He was knowledgeable and made the experience great. We saw tons of wildlife! Even our bus ride to and from the city was a good time. Highly recommend this tour.
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Chuck g. Avatar
Chuck G.
We had a great ride out to the swamp with Dwayne "The Rock" "Socks" as our driver. He kept us entertained and informed, and delivered us safely to the facility where Captain Scott picked us up. It was easy to see the passion he has for these wetlands and waterways. We left feeling enriched and sharing his concerns for the future of this area. We are so happy we had these two individuals as our guides. It would be hard to imagine a better experience.
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Ariana r. Avatar
Ariana R.
Awesome experience, great to see all the landscape and wildlife. Dee our bus driver was good with some fun jokes good local information pointed out along the way. Scott our captain was awesome. Would highly recommend this tour company to all our New Zealand friends traveling to New Orleans. We saw a large number of alligators, birds, turtles, wild pig and the lovely raccoons. 😍 👌
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Cheryl r. Avatar
Cheryl R.
5 star rating
Had a great time on the swamp tour with Captain Zander. He was charming and very knowledgeable about the Pearl River and the swamp, as he grew up and still lives there. It was a beautiful day on the water. We saw red eared turtles, snowy egrets, great blue herons, a pair of cute raccoons and plenty of alligators. The alligators ranged in age and size from small to one one that Captain Zander estimated to be 60 years old! The process from purchasing places on the tour, taking the bus to Honey Island, and getting on our boat was all smoothly and professionally done. I highly recommend this company, this tour and this captain.

On a side note we took the boat with about 20 people, they offered smaller boats, but we didn't choose that option. I was glad we made that choice...the smaller boats were unshaded and it was a very sunny day!
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Joe p. Avatar
Joe P.
5 star rating
Awesome tour with Zander! Saw some beautiful animals and land. We went during the evening time and it was better than anticipated. Temperature was perfect. You don't need any bug spray or anything like that. Great experience!
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Kim d. Avatar
Kim D.
5 star rating
I spent a long time analyzing tour reviews because let's face it, you get one shot at picking the right one when you're on vacation. Nailed it! Derreck, the driver on the 40 min. way out, gave a mini city tour which was an added bonus. We were lucky enough to get Emmett as our boat captain. He is quick witted, humorous and made interactions comfortable from all of us on the boat. I particularly liked his deep knowledge of the area and ecological information. It wasn't the "toss 'em a marshmallow and watch 'em dance" routine that we saw on previous tours in the past. Also on previous tours you were sort of held captive at the location which forced you to shop or eat while you were there. because the bus timing was delayed. The entire process was so efficient. We had a couple minutes in the gift shop and the bus was ready to take us back. Really loved the professionalism of the operation. Emmett even commented that he hadn't worked a day in several years because he really loved his job. And it showed. Great value!
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Tiffany v. Avatar
Tiffany V.
5 star rating
Our tour was with John and he was amazing! I would definitely recommend requesting him for your tour, he's super knowledgeable and was so entertaining. The gators basically swam right up to the boat. We also saw turtles and raccoons! It was a ton of fun, definitely a must do on your trip
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Laurie p. Avatar
Laurie P.
5 star rating
Excellent experience with this tour. Steve was great . He was funny & our party of 10 enjoyed the tour.
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Bryana w. Avatar
Bryana W.
5 star rating
Total fail I forgot all the employees names from today. But the man who was driving bus 1 for swamp tour on 9/16/22 was amazing. Super friendly guy and gave us good information on New Orleans on the drive to the swamp tour.

Our guide for the swamp tour was a older gentleman and he was funny. Gave us good information on the swamp and the things living in it. Was so happy with our day!
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Karen l. Avatar
Karen L.
5 star rating
CITY BUS TOUR- This company has several different tours.
Not really sure if this is correct but my receipt says it is Cajun Encounters but when I called about a discount they said I booked through the BigEasy tours or Paddlewheel.... anyway. Explanation below for discount.

I have to say I was very pleased with the tour. I really learned a lot about the city. Our bus driver was Karen and she was very good about checking on how the temperature of the AC was for everyone. She asked several times. She gave lots of history and was very helpful when it came to getting my aunt, who uses a walker, on and off the bus.
We were told to be at the bus stop by 11:15. We got there at 11 to be on the safe side. The bus did not get to our stop until almost noon. We were starting to think we had it wrong. Another couple also waiting took up a good ten minutes with poor Karen trying to find who they were. They were there to early.

I have to give a shout out to Mike at 422 Canal St. While we were waiting to be picked up we sat inside a building of a different tour company, Adventures in New Orleans City Tour. Mike was super nice and said he didn't want anyone sitting outside in that heat. He books for this tour company also so I would check him to get your tickets. Make sure you ask about discounts.

Be aware that there are brochures out there that state one thing and the website states another. One thing I noticed was the schedules were a little different. I was looking forward to stopping at the Cafe DuMonde but we ended up at a distillery. Cajun does go to the Cafe DM but only on the morning tour. This is why I called for a discount. Didn't get one but I do understand that it is hard for them to go and pick up all the old brochures and put out new ones when the website has the up-to-date information.

The bus was really comfortable. A hint for those taking pictures. I sat on the drivers side of the bus. After the graveyard the best pictures would be on the other side of the bus until you go to the Garden District. In the GD you go in and out the same way so it doesn't matter what side you sit on. If on the drivers side you will get the best pictures as you leave the GD. I missed getting a shot of the bead tree. Very colorful.
The cost of my ticket with a senior discount was $54.75 plus tax but well worth it. Don't forget to tip the bus driver. August 22, 2022
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Sheila n. Avatar
Sheila N.
5 star rating
Wish I could give more stars for Bishop our tour guide! He was Very knowledgeable, funny and entertaining. Really cool to see him interact, well...feed, the alligators. He also made racoons and pigs come out of hiding in the woods for us tourists. Something I didn't expect to see. I feel like can always learn something new from Bishop on each additional trip.
Other than that, the staff in the souvenir shop were nice and the bathrooms were clean. There is educational posters on the grounds and the shuttle service from and to our hotel was convenient. Looking forward to doing this again with more friend and family :)
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Culbreth j. Avatar
Culbreth J.
5 star rating
Brought 10 women on a tour, everyone was phenomenal from booking to the bus transportation to the tour itself. Everything was easy all the way around. Steve the bus driver was hilarious and made the trip there and back informative and a good time - putting us all at ease - even through a downpour. Personally we think our boat captain was the best, captain Gary, he rocked our world and was a true good sport! He accepted our ring pop proposal in addition to taking and posing for photos for us which we greatly appreciated! We learned a lot, laughed a bunch, saw lots of gators "swamp puppies" and even some raccoons "swamp kitties". A wonderful time even despite the rain would 10/10 do it again!
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Sammie l. Avatar
Sammie L.
5 star rating
We had a great swamp tour. Our bus driver Derek and our boat captain Jerry we're both super knowledgeable and nice. We were able to see alligators, raccoons, a blue heron, egrets, turtles, and more. The boat ride was super fun and informational and I had a great time! I've never been to a bayou before so it was really interesting and I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Louisiana.
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Rw l. Avatar
5 star rating
I grew up in the Deep South, but I have lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Thus, as a native Southerner, I was not sure if these tours would impress someone like me who is familiar with the region. Boy, was I surprised. The tour is worth every penny. Captain Jacob is an excellent guide. The boat ride is fun, ranging from high speed with the wind whipping through your hair to a slow crawl to see the wildlife. And I'd be shocked if you don't see wildlife! We met the wild boar, raccoons, alligators, and birds, as well as learning about swamp vegetation. The Swamp Tour is fun for all ages. I would go again if I'm in the area. My hotel was in Slidell, and it's a very quick drive from Slidell to Cajun Encounters.
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Dorothy a. Avatar
Dorothy A.
5 star rating
Enjoy myself on this trip!!!! Something to experience if you haven't already. Our guide was such a good time.
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Amber m. Avatar
Amber M.
5 star rating
Great experience!
Amica our driver was so sweet friendly & entertaining. Our captain Emmit was so funny and answered everyone's questions, even the dumb one hahaha. I have a lot of friends who travel and I will def be recommending Cajun Encounters to everyone I know!
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Christine l. Avatar
Christine L.
5 star rating
Took a morning swamp tour and it was amazing! The whole process was simple, from booking to transportation and the tour itself. This is the second time I've done a swamp tour and this was by far the best. The tour guide, Walker, was fun and informative. And the sites were amazing. If your in NOLA and want to do a swamp tour you can't beat these guys!!
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Peggy a. Avatar
Peggy A.
5 star rating
Great bayou tour! Captain Walker was very knowledgeable about the swamp and some great Dad jokes. We really enjoyed seeing many alligators and other wildlife in close proximity of our boat.
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Caroline b. Avatar
Caroline B.
5 star rating
We were visiting the Coven House when Malieka stopped us and asked if we'd like to listen along with her tour. She was very passionate and even offered to take our photo. Let me be clear, we were NOT a part of this tour. Yet, she went out of her way to share the experience with us. We will definitely be back for her tours!!!
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Nate e. Avatar
Nate E.
5 star rating
My New Orleans trip would not have been complete without a trip to the bayou. Transportation was easy and stress free. And from the moment we arrived, everyone was so pleasant. You can tell they wanted to be there, and really love what they do. We had Captain Todd and he made the experience unforgettable. We saw all the wildlife we had hoped to see, and Captain Todd made sure we had ample time to take pictures, ask questions, and enjoy the experience. Never felt like we were rushing through. Highly recommended !
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Trisha e. Avatar
Trisha E.
5 star rating
Alligator swamp tour is definitely recommended! We had Daniel as the bus driver (very nice & funny) & we had Desi as our captain (very nice & knowledgeable). Overall was a lovely experience. So many alligators in the swamp. I even got to a hold a 3 foot alligator in the gift shop; cute little guy!

I do recommend eating before your tour -- we left at 3:30pm & got back at 8/8:30pm. The gift shop only has small snacks, such as candy & chips.
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Carlos a. Avatar
Carlos A.
5 star rating
our tour guide derrick was absolutely amazing! he was very thorough and definitely hilarious! we will definitely be coming back and recommending for our friends and family!
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Berglund m. Avatar
Berglund M.
5 star rating
Guide was informative. Bus driver (Dwayne Brown) was a crack up and made the whole trip worth it
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Jacqueline p. Avatar
Jacqueline P.
5 star rating
We took the private boat swamp tour with Everett. There was a total of 9 people in the boat which gives you enough room to see around the swamp and not feel crowded. We chose to drive instead of using the bus and found it was very easy to find the launching spot. Our captain, Everett was knowledgeable about the swamp wildlife. He was great at drawing our attention to the different types of wildlife found in the swamp. We were lucky enough to see at least 5 gators, some turtles, a snake and various birds. Everett also had a great sense of humor.

I would recommend the first tour of the day in the summer. You can beat the heat and the rain.
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Kristy n. Avatar
Kristy N.
5 star rating
We had a great time on the swamp tour. Everything went great from the pick up all the way through drop off. Captain Pat was amazing! Super entertaining and informative. The only thing that could make this better is some drinks along the way! Would definitely recommend Cajun Encounters.
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Margarita m. Avatar
Margarita M.
5 star rating
I recently took a plantation tour with Cajun Encounters the tour was great. Our driver and tour guide Imeka was amazing! She gave us a brief history of both plantations as well as pointing out attractions along the way! Thanks Imeka
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Jonna b. Avatar
Jonna B.
5 star rating
We really enjoyed the city and cemetery tour with Derek. He had a lot of local knowledge and tips to make the most of our time in town.
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Ciana m. Avatar
Ciana M.
5 star rating
I had an amazing time with Cajun Encounters, it started with Dwayne... THEE BEST bus/ tour driver. He kept us entertained the entire way to the swamp, with interesting facts about New Orleans and it's history and cracked plenty of jokes and kept me laughing. I ended up leaving my bag on the bus on the way back to the hotel and he made it a priority to get my bag back to me. He saved the day! I felt safe the whole way and never questioned his driving. 10/10!
Then Captin Pat, took us on the swamp tour and I had a blast! He was great, kept us entertained and made sure both sides of the boat were able to see the gators and all the other animals and sights! He was very knowledgeable about the swamps and I learned a lot. Super fun, had a great time!
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Daniel b. Avatar
Daniel B.
5 star rating
Captain Aily is PHENOMENAL! I did the Night Swamp Tour with him and his humor, his insight and tremendous knowledge about the Honey Island Swamp, and his ability to spot all the animals was amazing. Well well worth the expense for an evening I will not soon forget. I've heard mixed things about whether to do a swamp tour but it was the highlight of my week in New Orleans so I can guarantee you won't regret it!
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Saw c. Avatar
Saw C.
5 star rating
This review is for the City & Cemetery Bus Tours that are part of the Cajun Encounters Tour Co. offerings. I took the bus tour today and thoroughly enjoyed Steve as our tour guide. He was knowledgeable and kept our group engaged, informed, and entertained throughout the 3 hour tour (which felt much shorter). We saw a good chunk of the city of New Orleans from an air conditioned bus and got out and toured a cemetery and even got to stop at Cafe Du Monde for beignets and coffee. All in all, I highly recommend this tour if you are visiting New Orleans and/or just want to learn more about it.
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Delori t. Avatar
DeLori T.
5 star rating
The Tour was great. Our tour guide Zander was excellent (very engaging and entertaining). He was very knowledgeable and educated us on the environment and habitat.
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Thomas a. Avatar
Thomas A.
5 star rating
What an adventure!!! We were lucky enough to have Captain John!! He knew the swamp well and made us very comfortable going through the bayous and the rest of the swamps. It seemed the alligators and raccoons knew him personally. Thank you so much captain John! Highly recommend this tour.
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Zhenhuan x. Avatar
Zhenhuan X.
5 star rating
I took an oak alley plantation tour and a swamp tour. I had very good drivers (Emicka and Dwayne) for both tours, and the tours themselves are also enjoyable with interesting spots to see and fun facts to learn.
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