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Cajun Encounters Reviews

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5 Stars - Based on 32108 User Reviews
Helen c. Avatar
Helen C.
4/01/2023 - Google

What an absolutely amazing experience! The swamp was beautiful and Captain Steve made our boat ride one to remember! He is extremely personable and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions and teaching us so many cool facts! We were able to see alligators, herons, raccoons, egrets, turtles, and plant life. We met some locals and even got to hold a... read more

Tracy c. Avatar
Tracy C.
10/24/2022 - Google

Awesome tour with Captain Barry. He was very knowledgeable about the history, wildlife and geography of the area! We saw tons of Alligators, turtles, birds and raccoons and he always made sure everyone got to see the points of interest regardless of what side of the boat we were on. The weather was beautiful but the boat was also... read more

Nathan m. Avatar
Nathan M.
8/08/2022 - Google

It is a must if you are in the Big Easy. I thought I would take the family on an adventure. It was a hit. We chose to take the charter for convenience. Nice AC ride. The gift store was great full of one of kind genuine gifts. Captain Emmit was awesome. He turned... read more

Joseph n. Avatar
joseph N.
8/07/2022 - Google

I’m a California resident visiting this wonderful tour park. Captain Jerry was one of the best Tour guides I have ever came across in my life. He made the tour very interesting and is very knowledgeable about the history and culture of Louisiana. He was also very knowledgeable about the land he is currently touring and interacted with the wild... read more

Sarah d. Avatar
Sarah D.
8/05/2022 - Google

We had an amazing experience with Cajun Encounters last weekend for the swamp tour. We had a group of 8 and everything was seamless! From the booking to the location pickup to the swamp tour- Cajun Encounters created a fun and memorable experience for our group. Steve was our shuttle driver and he was very knowledgeable about New Orleans and... read more

Chyvante f. Avatar
Chyvante F.
7/11/2022 - Google

I would definitely recommend Cajun Encounters for your swamp tour! Our driver Duane was so kind and knowledgeable about the area! He made our bus ride wonderful and entertaining.

We had Captain Barry as our swamp guide. He had so much information to share with us and was ready and willing to answer any questions we had. He was super...
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Nikole h. Avatar
Nikole H.
7/04/2022 - Google

Amazing! Our tour guide Captain John was AMAZING! He was hilarious. He stopped and got us as close to the animals as he could. He was so informative. We are locals and enjoyed the boat ride and seeing the animals closer than we normally see them! ;) All around great trip! We will definitely be back!

Connie t. Avatar
Connie T.
6/23/2022 - Google

Oh, my gosh! We have been on three swamp tours with Cajun Encounters/Pearl River Eco Tours and they are amazing! Our last one, June 21, was the best yet. Our captain, Michael was terrific! Very personable, kind, and funny. We were under a heat advisory and he made sure that everyone had water and was... read more

Patience g. Avatar
Patience G.
6/11/2022 - Google

This tour was AMAZING! Captain Todd was super knowledgeable, he had tons of facts about history, plants, cultures, animals, and of course gators. He was really nice, answering all questions and directed his conversation where people were interested. He went slow enough that we got to really appreciate the gators and sights, but also fast enough that we saw a... read more

Martine g. Avatar
Martine G.
4/04/2022 - Google

This tour was so incredible. The swamp looked like it was straight out of a movie. We loved it so much and Desi was the best guide! He was extremely knowledgeable and knew the swamp in and out. He also found gators for us which was the absolute highlight! We will definitely come again next time we are in New... read more

Jalena n. Avatar
Jalena N.
3/20/2022 - Google

What an AWESOME experience! Definitely one of our favorite memories from our trip to New Orleans! We saw lots of egrets, turtles, and best of all lots of gators!! It was amazing! Xander was an excellent, fun, and friendly tour guide and really knew his stuff. It was also neat to see the houses of the people who live off... read more

Joe r. Avatar
Joe R.
3/17/2022 - Google

Our multi-generation family outing with Cajun Encounters in March was great from start to finish. The pickup on Canal St and trip out to the tour site with Dwayne (the Rock!?!) started us out on the right foot, and the boat tour led by John R was great. He shared stories from his experiences growing up and... read more

Jenn d. Avatar
Jenn D.
1/19/2022 - Google

We opted for the transportation. Rene was great! He made the bus ride enjoyable by telling us about the history of the city and pointing out notable areas.

We then embarked on a private boat tour with Will. He pointed out the swamp creatures and gave us the run down on the area. He was great...
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Tom-pingkan b. Avatar
Tom-Pingkan B.
1/10/2022 - Google

Today was a beautiful day, early January but lots of sunshine. We were able to see a few gators, but little that I know, they are currently in hibernation. Desi our tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us a wonderful swamp AND eco tour. He gave us a lot of details and knowledge about the bayou swamp, the natives,... read more

Asja j. Avatar
Asja J.
11/21/2021 - Google

I had an amazing experience! I booked the private tour because I had a group of 8 and wanted a more intimate experience with just the 8 of us. In addition, with the private tour, we were able to bring alcohol which was great because we were celebrating my husband’s birthday so the alcohol was a great addition to the... read more

Paige t. Avatar
Paige T.
8/20/2021 - Google

This tour exceeded our expectations. Our guide Desi was the best. He was very knowledgeable and informative! He educated us about the entire swamp and all the wildlife. We saw several gators, raccoons, birds, frogs, spiders and huge grasshoppers! It was truly one of the most unique experiences. I would recommend to anyone visiting NOLA! Thank you, Desi!

Magnolia h. Avatar
magnolia h.
7/27/2021 - Google

Our tour was amazing. The bus ride was great with our driver, Laura. She was very informative and made the ride entertaining. The boat tour was amazing. We saw so many different wildlife and the views were incredible. Our captain Desi was a great guide. He was informative and stopped to let us see. It was great to hear about... read more

Nathaniel j. Avatar
Nathaniel J.
7/22/2021 - Google

This tour was the highlight of our vacation to the Gulf Coast! We absolutely loved this excursion. Robert was our tour guide, and he was amazing! He was charming, knowledgeable, and funny. Just being out on the water and seeing all the wildlife was so amazing. It is such a unique experience for those who don't live where there are... read more

Ebony j. Avatar
Ebony J.
7/17/2021 - Google

Captain Sonny! So amazing! Take your friends, family, anyone you know. Cap. Sonny is very knowledgeable and kind. He knows everything! Water is calming and weather was nice. The breeze on the water is so relaxing! Would definitely do again!

Jessika d. Avatar
Jessika D.
7/02/2021 - Google

We are from Michigan, just moved to Louisiana and had friends with us so we were looking for interesting things to do. Found this group and ended up having an amazing time with Cajun Encounters. We did a swamp tour and it was so much fun. Captain John R. was funny, engaging, clearly knowledgeable and just a delight. We had... read more

Jimi h. Avatar
Jimi H.
6/25/2021 - Google

On 6/20/21 My husband and I had the absolute best time taking the swamp tour! Captain Luca was great! He kept us totally captivated with his knowledge of the area and animals, his sense of humor, and his stories of growing up in the area. We couldn’t possibly have had a better time! The current prices are super affordable, and... read more

Tom l. Avatar
Tom L.
6/09/2021 - Google

This may have been one of the best tours I've ever been on in my life. We got to see countless gators, several raccoons in a SWAMP, a blue heron, wild pigs/boars and also many turtles. The best part of the tour was the knowledge that we gained from the tour guide captain Barry. Absolutely the most knowledgeable and nice... read more

Nicole r. Avatar
Nicole R.
6/04/2021 - Google

We really enjoyed our swamp tour! Our tour guide, Capt. Barry, was very knowledgeable and took the time to find gators, raccoons, and pigs. He stopped and made sure everyone got the pictures that they wanted and made the trip very fun. The drive back from the swamp was just as enjoyable with our amazing bus driver, Dwayne! He was... read more

Aidan k. Avatar
aidan k.
6/02/2021 - Google

Captain John K. gave us a phenomenal tour of the Pearl River and Honey Island Swamp. He was fun to talk to and gave us great information about the area and the wildlife. We saw at least 20 alligators (up close and personal), wild pigs, turtles, cranes, and a lot of other birds. The vegetation is so beautiful. ... read more

Sheryl l. Avatar
Sheryl L.
6/01/2021 - Google

Captain John R was an amazing guide! He has an extensive knowledge of the area - I feel very confident in his ability to navigate us through any situation that may arise on the bayou. He has a wealth of information about the natural flora and fauna; he can tell you how to survive on the land and what to... read more

Alexis f. Avatar
Alexis F.
5/31/2021 - Google

We had a nighttime swamp tour with Captain Barry and he was PHENOMENAL! He made great use of the time we had to ensure that we saw gators, frogs, spiders, the swamp, bayou, and other aspects of the ecosystem- so cool! Barry made sure we all got a chance to take pictures and videos. Being a native to the bayou,... read more

Meg r. Avatar
Meg R.
5/29/2021 - Google

This company was great to work with. We did the group swamp tour with pickup which was timely and the bus was air conditioned and very comfortable. The guide on the bus gave us a ton of information about the area as we drove which made the hour drive go by so fast. And she gave us a great recommendation... read more

Diane b. Avatar
Diane B.
5/28/2021 - Google

We toured with our 4 grandchildren. Wonderful experience, 2 hour tour, great value!
Reviews from our grandchildren-
Captain Barry was great and helped teach us a lot of new things!
Caption Barry was amazing and nice and funny and I loved when Addie buzzed him!! My rating 5/5
This was very fun and exciting I loved all the animals and it was very...
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Nick c. Avatar
Nick C.
5/16/2021 - Google

This tour was awesome. I went with my wife and two kids (ages 7 and 17 months.) Our guide, Captain John was great. He was knowledgeable about the areas we viewed, he was well educated in alligator facts, and he knew right where to find all the great animals(alligators, hogs, and raccoons.) He made the trip enjoyable with his sense... read more

Sharon z. Avatar
Sharon Z.
5/04/2021 - Google

My husband and I went on the swamp tour during our first visit to Louisiana. It was fun from the minute the bus driver Sunshine picked us up near our hotel. The drop off center had clean bathrooms, a nice gift shop, and a comfortable waiting area outside under the pavilion. Our Caption, Luca, made the experience even... read more

Joe p. Avatar
Joe P.
5 star rating
9/30/2022 - Yelp

Awesome tour with Zander! Saw some beautiful animals and land. We went during the evening time and it was better than anticipated. Temperature was perfect. You don't need any bug spray or anything like that. Great experience!

Cheryl r. Avatar
Cheryl R.
5 star rating
9/30/2022 - Yelp

Had a great time on the swamp tour with Captain Zander. He was charming and very knowledgeable about the Pearl River and the swamp, as he grew up and still lives there. It was a beautiful day on the water. We saw red eared turtles, snowy egrets, great blue herons, a pair of cute raccoons and plenty of alligators. The... read more

Kim d. Avatar
Kim D.
5 star rating
9/29/2022 - Yelp

I spent a long time analyzing tour reviews because let's face it, you get one shot at picking the right one when you're on vacation. Nailed it! Derreck, the driver on the 40 min. way out, gave a mini city tour which was an added bonus. We were lucky enough to get Emmett as our boat captain. He... read more

Tiffany v. Avatar
Tiffany V.
5 star rating
9/22/2022 - Yelp

Our tour was with John and he was amazing! I would definitely recommend requesting him for your tour, he's super knowledgeable and was so entertaining. The gators basically swam right up to the boat. We also saw turtles and raccoons! It was a ton of fun, definitely a must do on your trip

Laurie p. Avatar
Laurie P.
5 star rating
9/17/2022 - Yelp

Excellent experience with this tour. Steve was great . He was funny & our party of 10 enjoyed the tour.

Bryana w. Avatar
Bryana W.
5 star rating
9/16/2022 - Yelp

Total fail I forgot all the employees names from today. But the man who was driving bus 1 for swamp tour on 9/16/22 was amazing. Super friendly guy and gave us good information on New Orleans on the drive to the swamp tour.

Our guide for the swamp tour was a older gentleman and he was funny. Gave us good...
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Karen l. Avatar
Karen L.
5 star rating
9/10/2022 - Yelp

CITY BUS TOUR- This company has several different tours.
Not really sure if this is correct but my receipt says it is Cajun Encounters but when I called about a discount they said I booked through the BigEasy tours or Paddlewheel.... anyway. Explanation below for discount.

I have to say I was very pleased with the tour. I really learned a...
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Sheila n. Avatar
Sheila N.
5 star rating
9/07/2022 - Yelp

Wish I could give more stars for Bishop our tour guide! He was Very knowledgeable, funny and entertaining. Really cool to see him interact, well...feed, the alligators. He also made racoons and pigs come out of hiding in the woods for us tourists. Something I didn't expect to see. I feel like can always learn something new from Bishop on... read more

Culbreth j. Avatar
Culbreth J.
5 star rating
9/03/2022 - Yelp

Brought 10 women on a tour, everyone was phenomenal from booking to the bus transportation to the tour itself. Everything was easy all the way around. Steve the bus driver was hilarious and made the trip there and back informative and a good time - putting us all at ease - even through a downpour. Personally we think our boat... read more

Sammie l. Avatar
Sammie L.
5 star rating
9/02/2022 - Yelp

We had a great swamp tour. Our bus driver Derek and our boat captain Jerry we're both super knowledgeable and nice. We were able to see alligators, raccoons, a blue heron, egrets, turtles, and more. The boat ride was super fun and informational and I had a great time! I've never been to a bayou before so it was really... read more

Dorothy a. Avatar
Dorothy A.
5 star rating
8/26/2022 - Yelp

Enjoy myself on this trip!!!! Something to experience if you haven't already. Our guide was such a good time.

Rw l. Avatar
5 star rating
8/26/2022 - Yelp

I grew up in the Deep South, but I have lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years. Thus, as a native Southerner, I was not sure if these tours would impress someone like me who is familiar with the region. Boy, was I surprised. The tour is worth every penny. Captain Jacob is an excellent... read more

Amber m. Avatar
Amber M.
5 star rating
8/23/2022 - Yelp

Great experience!
Amica our driver was so sweet friendly & entertaining. Our captain Emmit was so funny and answered everyone's questions, even the dumb one hahaha. I have a lot of friends who travel and I will def be recommending Cajun Encounters to everyone I know!

Christine l. Avatar
Christine L.
5 star rating
8/21/2022 - Yelp

Took a morning swamp tour and it was amazing! The whole process was simple, from booking to transportation and the tour itself. This is the second time I've done a swamp tour and this was by far the best. The tour guide, Walker, was fun and informative. And the sites were amazing. If your... read more

Peggy a. Avatar
Peggy A.
5 star rating
8/14/2022 - Yelp

Great bayou tour! Captain Walker was very knowledgeable about the swamp and some great Dad jokes. We really enjoyed seeing many alligators and other wildlife in close proximity of our boat.

Caroline b. Avatar
Caroline B.
5 star rating
8/13/2022 - Yelp

We were visiting the Coven House when Malieka stopped us and asked if we'd like to listen along with her tour. She was very passionate and even offered to take our photo. Let me be clear, we were NOT a part of this tour. Yet, she went out of her way to share the experience with us. We will definitely... read more

Nate e. Avatar
Nate E.
5 star rating
8/10/2022 - Yelp

My New Orleans trip would not have been complete without a trip to the bayou. Transportation was easy and stress free. And from the moment we arrived, everyone was so pleasant. You can tell they wanted to be there, and really love what they do. We had Captain Todd and he made the experience unforgettable. We saw all the wildlife... read more

Trisha e. Avatar
Trisha E.
5 star rating
8/08/2022 - Yelp

Alligator swamp tour is definitely recommended! We had Daniel as the bus driver (very nice & funny) & we had Desi as our captain (very nice & knowledgeable). Overall was a lovely experience. So many alligators in the swamp. I even got to a hold a 3 foot alligator in the gift shop; cute little guy!

I do recommend eating...
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Carlos a. Avatar
Carlos A.
5 star rating
8/04/2022 - Yelp

our tour guide derrick was absolutely amazing! he was very thorough and definitely hilarious! we will definitely be coming back and recommending for our friends and family!

Berglund m. Avatar
Berglund M.
5 star rating
8/03/2022 - Yelp

Guide was informative. Bus driver (Dwayne Brown) was a crack up and made the whole trip worth it

Jacqueline p. Avatar
Jacqueline P.
5 star rating
7/31/2022 - Yelp

We took the private boat swamp tour with Everett. There was a total of 9 people in the boat which gives you enough room to see around the swamp and not feel crowded. We chose to drive instead of using the bus and found it was very easy to find the launching spot. Our captain, Everett... read more

Kristy n. Avatar
Kristy N.
5 star rating
7/29/2022 - Yelp

We had a great time on the swamp tour. Everything went great from the pick up all the way through drop off. Captain Pat was amazing! Super entertaining and informative. The only thing that could make this better is some drinks along the way! Would definitely recommend Cajun Encounters.

Jonna b. Avatar
Jonna B.
5 star rating
7/28/2022 - Yelp

We really enjoyed the city and cemetery tour with Derek. He had a lot of local knowledge and tips to make the most of our time in town.

Margarita m. Avatar
Margarita M.
5 star rating
7/28/2022 - Yelp

I recently took a plantation tour with Cajun Encounters the tour was great. Our driver and tour guide Imeka was amazing! She gave us a brief history of both plantations as well as pointing out attractions along the way! Thanks Imeka

Ciana m. Avatar
Ciana M.
5 star rating
7/27/2022 - Yelp

I had an amazing time with Cajun Encounters, it started with Dwayne... THEE BEST bus/ tour driver. He kept us entertained the entire way to the swamp, with interesting facts about New Orleans and it's history and cracked plenty of jokes and kept me laughing. I ended up leaving my bag on the bus on the way back to the... read more

Daniel b. Avatar
Daniel B.
5 star rating
7/24/2022 - Yelp

Captain Aily is PHENOMENAL! I did the Night Swamp Tour with him and his humor, his insight and tremendous knowledge about the Honey Island Swamp, and his ability to spot all the animals was amazing. Well well worth the expense for an evening I will not soon forget. I've heard mixed things about whether to do a swamp tour but... read more

Saw c. Avatar
Saw C.
5 star rating
7/23/2022 - Yelp

This review is for the City & Cemetery Bus Tours that are part of the Cajun Encounters Tour Co. offerings. I took the bus tour today and thoroughly enjoyed Steve as our tour guide. He was knowledgeable and kept our group engaged, informed, and entertained throughout the 3 hour tour (which felt much shorter). We saw a good chunk of... read more

Delori t. Avatar
DeLori T.
5 star rating
7/22/2022 - Yelp

The Tour was great. Our tour guide Zander was excellent (very engaging and entertaining). He was very knowledgeable and educated us on the environment and habitat.

Zhenhuan x. Avatar
Zhenhuan X.
5 star rating
7/19/2022 - Yelp

I took an oak alley plantation tour and a swamp tour. I had very good drivers (Emicka and Dwayne) for both tours, and the tours themselves are also enjoyable with interesting spots to see and fun facts to learn.

Thomas a. Avatar
Thomas A.
5 star rating
7/19/2022 - Yelp

What an adventure!!! We were lucky enough to have Captain John!! He knew the swamp well and made us very comfortable going through the bayous and the rest of the swamps. It seemed the alligators and raccoons knew him personally. Thank you so much captain John! Highly recommend this tour.

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