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Famous New Orleans Filming Locations

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Movies Filmed in New Orleans

New Orleans is world-famous for its spooky atmosphere and its many haunting tales. It should come as no surprise, then, that the city has been used as a filming location for many horror movies. From the creepy mansions of the Garden District to the dark alleyways of the French Quarter, New Orleans provides the perfect setting for a hair-raising tale.

The city has also been used as a filming location for several popular TV shows, including American Horror Story, True Blood, and even The Originals. If you’re looking for a truly spine-tingling experience, be sure to check out some of these famous New Orleans filming locations. 

American Horror Story New Orleans

The magnificent buckner mansion in the garden district of new orleans
The Buckner Mansion in the New Orleans Garden District. Credit:

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the show’s most iconic filming locations in New Orleans. The Buckner Mansion, which served as Miss Robicheaux’s Witch Academy in season 3, is one of the most popular spots among fans. With its cast iron fence, 3 ballrooms, and 48 columns, the mansion is truly a sight to behold. 

Other locations such as the Lalaurie Mansion (the infamous house of horrors where madame Delphine Lalaurie resided), and the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses were also featured. These locations are sure to give you a chilling experience and they are definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the show. 

The Originals New Orleans

Rows of tombs at the lafayette cemetery no. 1 in the city of new orleans, louisiana
Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, a filming location for 'The Originals'

New Orleans is a hotbed of vampire activity on The Originals, and it’s no wonder given the city’s long history of voodoo and supernatural activity. Parts of the show were filmed in some of the most iconic locations in the city, including the Lafayette Cemetery. In season one, episode one, “Always and Forever”, the cemetery is used as a filming location for a pivotal scene between Elijah and Klaus.

Interior of napoleon house in new orleans, la
Interior of the Napoleon House in New Orleans. Credit:

Another fan favorite is the Napoleon House. Over the centuries, Napoleon House has become known for its unique atmosphere and eclectic clientele. In recent years, the bar has gained even more notoriety as a filming location for The Originals. Fans of the show love to visit the fictional Rousseau’s to see where their favorite scenes were filmed and to enjoy a drink in the same place as their favorite characters. Whether you’re a fan of The Originals or just looking for a great place to enjoy some live music, the Napoleon House is definitely worth a visit. 

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New Orleans is a city with a rich and diverse history, and its dark corners have long been the stuff of legend. If you’re looking for a truly unique experience this Halloween season, a Cajun Encounters Ghost Bus Tour is an absolute must. 

This night tour provides customized content that is GPS-triggered, ensuring that you hear the best haunted tales that the city has to offer. You’ll also get to briefly disembark the vehicle and observe three iconic locations in the city: the Buckner Mansion, Lafayette Cemetery #2, and City Park. The best part is that this tour is perfect for all ages, so everyone in your family can enjoy it.

While we do make these three brief stops on the tour, many of the places we highlight are not safe to go inside or are closed during the evenings when our tour takes place.  We want to be clear about what this tour provides (and doesn’t provide) so that your expectations match what we can offer.

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