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The Best Places to Stay in New Orleans: From Historic Hotels to Haunted Ones

Home City Tours The Best Places to Stay in New Orleans: From Historic Hotels to Haunted Ones

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New Orleans has been a hospitable destination for visitors from all over the globe since it was founded in 1718. Interestingly, it has also been home to some otherworldly guests, as ghost sightings have been a recurring phenomenon since its early days. Some of the most historic hotels in New Orleans can often be some of the most haunted.

Historic Hotels in New Orleans

New Orleans has taken pride in its opulent accommodations and distinguished guests for centuries. You can find the most historic hotels in New Orleans in the French Quarter and the Central Business District. 

The front facade of le pavillon hotel in new orleans

Le Pavillon Hotel

Le Pavillon was built on Poydras Street at the dawn of the 20th century. Opened as the “New Hotel Denechaud” in 1907, the hotel quickly became a gathering place for high society. It even had an underground escape tunnel for its in-house speakeasy during Prohibition! Le Pavillon has always been recognized for its Renaissance-inspired architecture.

The front facade of the roosevelt hotel in new orleans

Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel was originally opened as the Grunewald Hotel in 1893. This majestic hotel thrived in the 1920s and 30s Jazz Age. During this time, it was first home to a groundbreaking nightclub called The Cave and later to the Blue Room, the most popular New Orleans music venue of its day. 

Omni Royal Orleans

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the Omni Royal Orleans is one of the very oldest and most majestic hotels in town. This hotel opened in 1843, known at the time as the St. Louis Hotel. The St. Louis was one of New Orleans’ most grandiose places to stay during the mid-19th century and hosted many early Mardi Gras balls. 

Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

It is common knowledge that the French Quarter is home to many ghosts, and therefore it is not unexpected that the most haunted hotels in New Orleans are located in this area. The ghosts in the Quarter represent its diverse history and frequent experiences with unfortunate events.  

Front facade of the andrew jackson hotel at dusk

Andrew Jackson Hotel

The structure that houses the Andrew Jackson Hotel dates back to 1890. In the late 1700s, however, the property was home to a boarding school for orphaned boys. This boarding school burned down in 1774, killing five of the orphan boys in the process. According to reports, one of the boys is said to still wander around the rooms and corridors of the hotel, disturbing guests by waking them up with laughter and pushing them out of their beds. 

Front facade of hotel monteleone in new orleans

Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone on Royal Street is one of New Orleans’ most storied hotels – some stories spookier than others. In the late 1800s, two wealthy opera fans lost their baby son Maurice to a fever while staying at the Monteleone. On a later stay, they encountered Maurice’s lingering spirit on the hotel’s notoriously haunted 14th floor. Hotel guests have been reporting encounters with the ghost of Maurice ever since! 

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

The Dauphine Orleans Hotel property has witnessed most chapters of New Orleans history, and although the building was constructed many years prior, it officially opened its doors as a hotel in 1969. Ghost sightings at this hotel reflect the neighborhood’s layered history. Two of the paranormal experiences that guests commonly report at the hotel are seeing a Civil War-era soldier, and a playful woman dancing in the courtyard. Some believe that the woman used to work at the notorious bordello located nearby. 

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