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New Orleans Bus Tours: Marigny New Orleans

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Looking for an offbeat, vibrant art scene? Look no further than Marigny New Orleans! This neighborhood is filled with a variety of establishments ranging in color and style, making it the perfect place to explore your creative side.

Visit local artisans’ galleries and funky live jazz music venues, or stroll down the streets, listening to the many sidewalk musicians. You’re sure to find something that piques your interest in this one-of-a-kind neighborhood. So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to Marigny and let your creative juices flow!


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Marigny, otherwise known as Faubourg Marigny, was initially laid out in the first decade of the 19th century just downriver of the old New Orleans city limits. Due to its location, the section of Marigny closest to the river was built up first. Unfortunately, the neighborhood declined during the mid-20th century, but it was able to regain its strength in the late 20th century. As a result, the 1984 World’s Fair drew many French Quarter residents to Marigny.

It is considered one of the most colorful neighborhoods in the entire city. Both colonial French and Spanish elements have been the main influence in Marigny architecture, but some aspects of the Caribbean have also been seen. The blending of these different cultures has resulted in Marigny possessing its own unique architectural style.

In 2005, Marigny was able to avoid the disastrous effects of Hurricane Katrina, which wreaked havoc on most of New Orleans. Besides some partial wind damage, parts of Marigny sat at a high enough elevation to escape the deadly flooding seen throughout the city. The few areas that did flood did not experience significant damage.

Mardi Gras is considered a major, staple holiday in New Orleans, and Marigny is known to be one of the most active neighborhoods during this time. Believed to draw a bigger crowd than Bourbon Street, Marigny is slowly becoming the new heart of Mardi Gras for locals. One of the main crowd pleasers is the Society of St. Anne Walking Parade, featuring some of the best homemade costumes.

Frenchmen Street

While Frenchmen Street is located in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, it is mostly known for the three-block section located in Marigny. Frenchmen Street features several houses that are over 100 years old, some even dating back later than that. In the 1980’s, the street began developing an entertainment district.

Unlike Bourbon Street, which became more tourist-oriented, Frenchmen emerged as a hot spot for locals looking to enjoy live music. As a result, it was intended to showcase authentic New Orleans musical and gastronomical tastes. Fortunately, it was able to escape Hurricane Katrina relatively unscathed, actually resulting in an increase in visitors.

Frenchmen Street has a lively nightlife, featuring neon blinking lights, curbside concerts, and buzzing crowds. It is sometimes considered the most consistent musical stretch in all of New Orleans. Guests can find a wide variety of venues offering an array of live performances, ranging from traditional jazz and blues to reggae and rock. Frenchmen also features several late-night eateries more than suitable for any end of the night cravings. With so many options, visitors are guaranteed to experience a night suited to their needs.

Crescent Park

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Crescent Park is a 1.4-mile, 20-acre urban linear park that plays a part in connecting the French Market District to the visitors of the riverfront. The park allows for outdoor recreational activities in a comfortable setting without sacrificing the working-class grit that defines the area.

One side of Crescent Park features its signature symbol: the arched Piety Street Bridge, providing pedestrians with the safety of crossing over active railroad tracks. The concrete remnants of the old Piety wharf building lend an urban feeling to the stunning riverscape. Some of the park’s running paths end in the river and patches of weeds grow throughout, offering a sense of edginess in this picturesque landscape.

Explore Faubourg Marigny

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Explore all of what Faubourg Marigny has to offer today and learn what makes it one of the most unique neighborhoods in New Orleans. With a wide range of shops and restaurants available, visitors can rest assured that they will see something that peaks their interests. Cajun Encounters offers the perfect opportunity to explore New Orleans, including Marigny, while hearing about the details that make it great from the mouths of well-trained guides. As a result, guests are guaranteed an uninterrupted viewing experience while learning more than they would alone or with any ordinary walking tour.

Cajun Encounters New Orleans Bus Tours offers visitors three different tour options throughout three different times of the day. The morning tour includes daily pick-ups at 8:30 am and offers guests a look into the historic city, including the experience of coffee and beignets for breakfast. The mid-day tour begins at 11:15 am daily and offers a complete city tour, including a drive through the 9th ward. The afternoon New Orleans bus tour begins daily pick-ups at 2:30 pm and offers a full city tour, lasting for two and a half hours.

Guests can travel through the most well-known neighborhoods in New Orleans, including Marigny and the French Quarter, while seeing famous attractions like Frenchmen Street, the St. Louis Cathedral and Cemetery No. 1, and Crescent Park. Those interested in the deep and interesting history of New Orleans can view the famous St. Charles Avenue Street Cars, beautiful Antebellum Mansions, and the mighty Mississippi River.

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