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The Essential New Orleans Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

Home City Tours The Essential New Orleans Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

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If you’re new to New Orleans, figuring out how to spend your time can feel a little daunting. From visiting the World War 2 Museum to taking a swamp tour, there’s so much to see and do making it hard to know where to start. Thankfully, this blog post will cover all the must-see areas you should visit during your trip to New Orleans.

Whether it’s the historic Garden District or the bustling Central Business District, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. And of course, no trip to New Orleans would be complete without a visit to the world-famous Bourbon Street. So, if you’re looking for history, culture, or just a good time, be sure to check out these essential places during your stay in New Orleans. 

Uptown & Garden District New Orleans 

Pink flowers lining the sidewalk of a home in uptown new orleans
Uptown New Orleans homes. Source:

Uptown New Orleans is one of the best places to start exploring the city. On Oak Street, you’ll find chic boutiques lining the sidewalks, as well as numerous restaurants and cafés. Tulane University and Loyola University, both located in Uptown New Orleans, create a lively college atmosphere that makes this district a perfect spot to explore and take in the sights and sounds of the vibrant city.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Audubon Park is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic lunch. As for shopaholics, Magazine Street is a veritable paradise, with countless antique stores, boutiques, and art galleries. 

The Garden District is also not to be missed. This historic section of the city boasts beautiful antebellum mansions and gardens, which were built by some of the city’s wealthiest residents in the 19th century. Today, this neighborhood is a popular tourist destination, and it is also home to a number of schools, churches, and other historic landmarks. The neighborhood has a distinctly old-world charm, and it is easy to see why so many visitors fall in love with the Garden District and nearby areas each year.  

No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something to your liking in this part of town. 

Take a New Orleans Streetcar through Saint Charles 

New orleans itinerary
The St. Charles Streetcar. Source:

There are many ways to get around the remarkable Crescent City, and the Saint Charles line in particular is a great way to get around, as it offers views of some of the most mesmerizing homes and architecture. Taking the streetcar is like stepping back in time, and visitors often enjoy the old-fashioned feel of the ride.

Navigating through Uptown and making its way into the Central Business District, the dark green colored Saint Charles streetcars have been running this route for more than 150 years, making it one of the oldest operating streetcar lines in the world. If you’re looking for a unique way to see the city, taking a ride on the Saint Charles streetcar is a must. 

Downtown New Orleans

New Orleans is a city with a deep-rooted history and lively culture. The downtown area is considered the crown jewel of the city, and it is here that you will find some of the most iconic landmarks and attractions.

One of the most notable areas would be the French Quarter, which is considered the heart of the city. With its colorful buildings, wrought iron balconies, and cobblestone streets, the Quarter is a feast for the senses. There’s always something going on, whether its live music pouring out of the numerous clubs or the tantalizing smells of Cajun and Creole cuisine wafting through the air. The French Quarter is also home to some of New Orleans’ most famous landmarks, including Bourbon Street, the St. Louis Cathedral, and Jackson Square.

Another local favorite that can be found in the Downtown area is Tremé. Originally founded in the late 1700s and primarily inhabited by free people of color, Tremé soon became a thriving center of African-American culture. Today, the neighborhood is home to some of the city’s most important historical landmarks, including Congo Square and Louis Armstrong Park.

In addition, Tremé is also renowned for its musical heritage, as it has served as the birthplace of many important musical styles including jazz and blues. For first-time visitors to New Orleans, Tremé is a must-see destination that offers a glimpse into the city’s spirited past.

Whether you’re looking for history, authentic Louisiana cuisine, or simply some good music, downtown New Orleans has something for everyone.

New Orleans Cemeteries 

New Orleans is well-known for its unique cemeteries. Unlike most cities, which bury their dead in traditional cemetery plots, New Orleans cemeteries are above ground due to the high water table in the area. As a result, the city’s cemeteries are full of beautiful above-ground tombs and mausoleums. Many of these structures are quite ornate, and they provide a fascinating glimpse into the city’s unique history.  

Most of these cemeteries date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and they have been carefully preserved over the years. Today, they are a popular tourist destination, and visitors can take guided tours and stroll through the tomb-lined paths of Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1, 2, and 3. Whether you’re interested in learning about the city’s past or simply exploring the distinctive above-ground tombs, a visit to one of the New Orleans cemeteries is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

Make your Vacation in New Orleans an Unforgettable One and Book a City Tour Today 

New Orleans has long been a favored vacation destination for travelers from all over the world, and it’s no wonder why! The city is filled with a long history, traditions, and some great food. Not to mention, the people here are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet.  

A city bus tour with Cajun Encounters is the perfect way to see all that New Orleans has to offer. You’ll get an up-close and personal look at some of the most popular attractions, and ride through many famous areas of the city all in one sitting. Plus, your knowledgeable tour guide will share interesting facts and stories about the Big Easy.

If you’re looking for a spookier experience this fall season, then a New Orleans ghost tour is a great way to explore the paranormal side of this mysterious city. Book your tour today and get ready for an unforgettable vacation in New Orleans!

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