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A Look Into the Famous New Orleans Sports Teams

Home City Tours A Look Into the Famous New Orleans Sports Teams

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Big Games in the Big Easy

Known as the heart and soul of sports fandom, New Orleans stands tall as a city renowned for its passionate love affair with sports. From the raucous cheers that echo through the iconic Superdome to the lively street celebrations following victorious games, this vibrant Louisiana city breathes sports in its every fiber.

With a rich sports heritage, New Orleans boasts a roster of successful and beloved teams, such as the NFL’s New Orleans Saints and the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans. These teams have not only brought home numerous championships but have also united the city, creating an unwavering bond between the teams and their loyal fans that resonates through every game day. 

NFL Football – The New Orleans Saints 

New orleans sports teams saints football drew brees

There is no question about the most beloved New Orleans sports team. The New Orleans Saints are one of the NFL’s iconic teams and a Louisiana treasure. Their team colors are black and gold, most commonly in the form of a classic New Orleans fleur-de-lis. The Superdome, their home stadium, is also the most recognizable feature of New Orleans’ skyline. Saints fans are known for their rallying cry of “WHO DAT!”, which has led to an established identity as the “Who Dat Nation.” 

New orleans sports teams saints football history 1967 team

The Saints became the 16th NFL franchise on November 1st, 1966, which is also All Saints’ Day. In 1975, they relocated to the Superdome in the Central Business District, which has a seating capacity of 69,056. It took many years for the Saints to gain traction as a competitive team, but their “Mardi Gras in Autumn” games were a thrilling display of New Orleans spirit from day one. While rumors swirled that the Saints would not return to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, then-owner Tom Benson was able to negotiate a continuing relationship with the Big Easy.  

The greatest Saints dynasty so far began in 2006 when the team signed head coach Sean Payton and star quarterback Drew Brees. A few years later, the Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts and claimed victory in 2010’s Super Bowl XLIV. This championship win became a triumphant moment in the city’s recovery from Katrina. While Payton and Brees are no longer with the team, the loud and loyal Who Dat Nation awaits the next wave of Saints victories. 

NBA Basketball – The New Orleans Pelicans 

New orleans sports teams

New Orleans has been home to professional basketball teams on-and-off since 1947. The current NBA team has been a source of pride for the city since 2002, playing their home games at the state-of-the-art Smoothie King Center in the bustling Central Business District. Originally known as the Hornets, then-owner Tom Benson rebranded the team as the New Orleans Pelicans, giving it a more local and representative name. With their standout navy blue, gold, and red color scheme, the Pelicans have become a beloved part of the community. 

Although the New Orleans Pelicans have not won a championship yet, they have had some notable successes in their history. They currently have rising NBA star Zion Williamson on their roster, and they also played a key role in launching Anthony Davis’s career in the NBA (Davis has since moved on to play for the Los Angeles Lakers). They most recently made the playoffs in 2022 and have built a reputation for exciting half-time shows. 

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