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Family-Friendly New Orleans Thanksgiving Activities

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Thanksgiving in New Orleans 

Experience the blend of traditional Thanksgiving celebration with a unique New Orleans twist. Known for its diverse cultural heritage, the Crescent City offers a plethora of family-friendly activities during this festive season. From iconic restaurants to historical explorations, and engaging community events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Celebrating Thanksgiving in New Orleans is not just a feast for the palate, but a feast for the senses, making it an unforgettable adventure for families of all ages. 

Attend the Human Horse Races 

New orleans thanksgiving human horse race runners dashing to the finish line

Indulge in the whimsical tradition of the 4th Annual Human Horse Races this Thanksgiving in Mid-City, New Orleans. From 11AM to 3PM, enjoy an admission-free event filled with live music, delicious food, and beverages. Dive into the friendly competition by purchasing betting tokens to place donation bets on your favorite “horse” for the upcoming round. Race winners and betters are rewarded with prizes, and an entry for a mega-prize! 

This unique celebration is not just about fun; it’s about giving back. All proceeds go towards local animal and wildlife rescue initiatives. This year, donations will benefit the Greeno Equine Sanctuary in Leblanc, Louisiana, showcasing a true blend of community spirit, awareness for animal welfare, and classic New Orleans revelry. 

Become a Volunteer for the Annual Turkey Day Race 

New orleans thanksgiving turkey day race participants

Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving by volunteering at the 116th Turkey Day Race. Volunteers play a crucial role, ensuring the event runs smoothly. Responsibilities range from checking in race participants, distributing race giveaways, to pouring and providing water. You may also have the chance to make key announcements during the event. It’s a wonderful way to give back, ensuring participants have a memorable race experience while you and your family can enjoy a fulfilling and unique Thanksgiving celebration.

Dine out in a Fancy New Orleans Restaurant 

New orleans thanksgiving at brennan's restaurant

If the idea of a traditional at-home dinner doesn’t appeal to you, New Orleans offers a plethora of famous restaurants where you and your family can enjoy a fancy Thanksgiving dinner. Relish a gourmet meal at one of the city’s renowned establishments such as Brennan’s or Commander’s Palace, basking in the warm, hospitable ambiance characteristic of New Orleans. 

This option not only provides a hassle-free celebration but also an opportunity to indulge in exquisite cuisine, making your Thanksgiving memorable. With a reservation at a posh city restaurant, experience a blend of traditional Thanksgiving fare with a unique New Orleans culinary flair, making the holiday distinctive and delightful.

Plantation Tours in New Orleans 

Discover the history of New Orleans this Thanksgiving by embarking on a New Orleans plantation tour. As you stroll through the ancient oaks and picturesque gardens, you’ll be transported back in time, gaining insight into the city’s past.

With informative guides and well-preserved estates, a New Orleans plantation tour is not only an educational experience, but a serene retreat. Book your New Orleans plantation tour now and enrich your Thanksgiving experience with a journey through the historical tapestry of the Crescent City.

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