Swamp Tour Essentials: How to Prepare

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With cooler weather approaching and COVID restrictions lessening, it is the perfect time to schedule a trip to the swamp, and a New Orleans swamp tour with Cajun Encounters is just what you are looking for!

From alligators to raccoons, you will be able to see a wide variety of swamp animals in their natural environment. If this is your first time in a swamp or the south in general, do not worry. With our help, you can learn how to prepare for a tour so that you make the most of your time in the bayou.

Here is a list of swamp tour essentials that you can bring to ensure that you are best prepared.

What to Bring on a Swamp Tour

Out in the swamp, it is natural for little creepy crawlers to be out and about. However, the winds from the moving boat typically keep them at bay. If you decide to explore the surrounding areas of the swamp, you do risk getting bitten by a bug. To lower the risk of being someone’s next treat, it is always best to wear bug repellent on a swamp tour.

In the south, the sun has a tendency to feel extra hot. While our boats do have overhead covers, you still run the risk of getting some sun exposure. While swamp tours are enjoyable, sunburns are not. It is best to wear sunscreen when in these outdoor conditions, especially if you have fair skin or are prone to sunburn.

What to Wear on a Swamp Tour

As stated previously, the sun can make it extremely hot in the south, and its reflection on the water can disrupt your vision. Make sure not to miss any animal sightings by wearing sunglasses on your tour.

Clothing recommendations can change according to the weather in Louisiana, but one thing remains the same: typical swamp tour attire would include comfortable and casual clothing. And for those who have a tendency to get cold quickly, a light jacket is a great choice when picking out your outfit.

In Louisiana, you can pretty much count on the weather not being predictable whatsoever. Sunny radar forecasts do not always guarantee sunny skies. This however will not ruin your experience, but guests who bring a rain jacket can protect themselves from getting wet if their tour does happen to get rained on.

If you find yourself without any of these items upon arrival, do not worry. Each item above can be found inside the gift shop located at Cajun Encounters. While you’re there, we encourage you to look around and purchase some snacks and souvenirs.

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If you want to experience one of the best tours in Louisiana, book a New Orleans swamp tour with Cajun Encounters. Our tours through the Louisiana swamps are sure to give you an unforgettable southern adventure. Thanks for reading, and see ya soon on the bayou!