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Whitney Plantation Tour

Visiting the Whitney Plantation is an eye-opening and immersive experience. This plantation was founded in 1752 and it has become a valuable source of information about the lives of the people who lived, worked, and died here during times of slavery. This five-hour tour not only provides visitors an opportunity to discover more about this part of American history, but it also serves as an insight to those who were affected by slavery. When touring the Whitney Plantation, guests can view original slave cabins, exhibits featuring artifacts including clothing, tools, furniture, and even old sugar cane fields. There is also a chapel onsite that offers spiritual guidance for descendants of slaves still living in the area today. The Whitney Plantation offers visitors an unparalleled glimpse into our nation’s past while providing education and remembrance for those who have been impacted by the dark history of slavery in America.

History of Whitney Plantation

Whitney Plantation holds a rich history that serves to educate the public about the legacies of slavery. The land was purchased by Ambroise Heidel, a German immigrant who had established himself in Louisiana as a modest farmer, in 1752. After time, he had acquired enough wealth through his labor practices to purchase the tract of land that would become Whitney Plantation and enslaved approximately 20 Africans and European servants. After the death of Ambroise Heidel, the plantation changed hands until it eventually came into possession of John Cummings in 1999, who funded its restoration and opened it to the public as a museum on December 7, 2014. Today, visitors are able to gain insight into this dark chapter in history through guided tours, exhibits, and interactive experiences.

Visiting The Plantation

Come explore the Louisiana Whitney Plantation and gain a unique perspective on history! This 5-hour tour brings you through one of the oldest plantation sites in Louisiana and provides insight into the lives of slaves and the troubles they faced. Pick-up starts at 12:30pm, so please allow 30 minutes for arrival. Dress comfortably according to the weather, and make sure to bring along a bottle of water, as well as sunscreen to protect yourself from the Louisiana sun.

This is an educational experience that will stay with you for years to come. Hear about first-hand accounts from those who lived and worked on the plantation, giving you an in-depth look into this important part of American history. As you tour the grounds, you will learn more about what life was like for slaves during that era – their work, their hardships, and their hopes for freedom – as well as how experts are working today to preserve these stories forever.

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