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Top 3 New Orleans Haunted House Explorations

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Haunted New Orleans Houses 

New Orleans, steeped in history and mystique, is renowned for its haunting tales and eerie encounters. In the heart of the Crescent City lie enigmatic residences that have long captured the imagination of locals and visitors alike. This Halloween season, step into a world where the past melds with the present as we explore the top three haunted houses in the city, each with its own chilling stories waiting to be unraveled! 

New Orleans Nightmare Haunted House 

New orleans haunted house outside the nightmare maze with guests in line

The New Orleans Nightmare Haunted House has earned its reputation as one of the top 13 haunted attractions in America. Offering an array of spine-tingling experiences, ticket prices vary from $19.99 to $32.99, depending on the day of the week you dare to enter. This immersive haunted maze demands more than just courage — it requires attendees to sign a waiver, acknowledging the terror that awaits. 

Among this year’s chilling attractions, “The Deadlands” thrusts visitors into a post-apocalyptic nightmare, where a devastating virus has unleashed menacing mutations upon humanity. “Repossessed” introduces Mara the Nun, a malevolent entity with plans to unleash the Nightmare Realm upon the world, and attendees must thwart her dark ambitions. Meanwhile, “Midnight Mortuary” delves into the unsettling world of Sanguis Rex, who trades harvested blood from corpses to satisfy the insatiable thirst of the Blood Queen and her ominous progeny. It’s a nightmarish adventure that promises to leave you trembling in fear and anticipation.  

The Mortuary Haunted Mansion 

New orleans haunted house the mortuary haunted mansion

Located at 4800 Canal Street, The Mortuary has a long and eerie history. Built in 1872, it served as an actual mortuary for nearly eight decades before being turned into a thrilling attraction. This year, it takes on a macabre twist as it transforms into a haunted house themed around a sinister wedding and grand feast. The chilling invitation reveals a night of dark romance and unholy matrimony between the Eternal Prince of the Air and the Undying Queen of Darkness. Guests will bear witness to a ceremony that transcends the ages, held within the ominous walls of The Mortuary, where the living and the dead converge in a night of terror and intrigue. 

The Haunted Sultan’s House

New orleans haunted house sultan's palace

The haunted Sultan’s House, dating back to the 19th century, was owned by planter and merchant Jean Baptiste LePretre until 1878, boasting a mysterious history. Legend has it that LePretre agreed to rent his city house to the brother of a sultan, unaware that the man was a fugitive who had stolen riches, a harem of veiled women, and jewels from his sibling. 

Unsurprisingly thereafter, tragedy struck one fateful night when assassins, supposedly dispatched by the sultan, ended the fugitive’s life and that of the harem. Some claim the ghost of the sultan’s brother still roams the house’s halls, but the truth behind this tale remains shrouded in mystery, leaving room for skepticism and curiosity. 

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