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Top 5 Reasons to Book a New Orleans Bus Tour

Home City Tours Top 5 Reasons to Book a New Orleans Bus Tour

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See the Sights

New Orleans is one of the biggest cities on the Gulf Coast, and one of the oldest cities in the United States – so it’s no wonder that this place has many sights to see! Visitors might be overwhelmed by planning what they want to explore, where to start, and how to get there. That’s why a New Orleans bus tour is a fun, easygoing way to cover a lot of the most important bases with the help of a well-informed tour guide. Here are a few of the best reasons to make a bus tour in New Orleans a top priority for your visit.  


The rumors are true – New Orleans is hot and humid. During most months of the year, a long walk across town will leave even the hardiest of visitors sweltering. New Orleans bus tours offer an air-conditioned alternative that still delivers all of the up-close encounters you’re looking for. Furthermore, having a skilled professional driver behind the wheel means that you can relax and devote your full attention to taking in the sights. You might even make some new friends along the way as well! 


Take a journey through the colorful streets of New Orleans and discover its unique culture like never before. From history to art, music, and cuisine – this amazing tour promises an in-depth look into the many facets that make up this vibrant destination.

There’s no single neighborhood or landmark that sums up New Orleans all at once – visitors who want to get a thorough impression, need to work their way around town and see multiple pieces of the lively tapestry that is New Orleans. A bus tour will make sure that you learn about everything from the unique cemeteries, to how the Garden District and the French Quarter came to be.  

Architecture & Landmarks

Before you taste the food or hear the music, the first part of New Orleans that lets you know you’re somewhere special is the architecture. A New Orleans city bus tour introduces you to the signature building styles that define the Big Easy’s built environment, from shotgun houses to Creole mansions. These tours will also introduce you to New Orleans’ magnificent historic landmarks, such as Jackson Square, the streetcar system, and some of the city’s most important graveyards. 

Historic Neighborhoods

New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods, and a bus tour will familiarize you with the parts of town that are most influential on its culture. While many visitors see little outside of the French Quarter, these climate-controlled bus tours will familiarize you with other areas that have left their mark on the local history, such as the Garden District and Treme. 

Exciting Attractions

Experiencing the sights, sounds, and culture of New Orleans by bus is an amazing way to discover hidden gems to come back to – unlocking endless possibilities for fun in The Big Easy. Locales like Frenchmen Street, City Park, the World War II Museum, and the Audubon Aquarium could each take up a half day or more of your trip, but a bus tour will give you a glimpse of each so you know which ones you would like to commit the most time to.  

Book Your Bus Tour New Orleans Today

Visitors who want to see a lot of New Orleans (without sacrificing the relaxation part of their vacation) should book a New Orleans city bus tour during their stay. These tours are a great way to learn about the most important parts of New Orleans culture and history, from a pleasant vantage point inside a fully air-conditioned vehicle. A bus tour in New Orleans is a fantastic addition to your visit – book your tour with Cajun Encounters today! 

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