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Things to do in New Orleans: Red Dress Run 2023

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New Orleans is a culturally famous city that is known for its festive reputation. One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Red Dress Run, an exciting annual and charitable event that embodies the spirit of the city. This charity run is a day filled with fun and exhilaration, as participants don their red dresses and take to the streets in a show of philanthropy and community spirit. The Red Dress Run is a unique opportunity for runners and non-runners alike to come together in support of a good cause while enjoying all that the Big Easy has to offer.

What is the New Orleans Red Dress Run? 

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The Red Dress Run is an annual event that embraces the eccentricity and charitable spirit of New Orleans. Hosted by the Hash House Harriers, this “drinking club with a running problem” has managed to expand the event into a massive gathering of thousands of participants, donning their most extravagant red dresses. It’s a sight to behold as the city streets become a sea of crimson, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to supporting a good cause. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a visitor to New Orleans, the Red Dress Run is an experience that embodies the city’s vibrant energy and celebrates the joy of giving back. 

How to Prepare for the Run 

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To fully immerse yourself in the Red Dress Run, careful preparation is key. Choosing the perfect red dress becomes a top priority, whether you opt for something elegant, flashy, or downright outrageous. Comfortable footwear is essential for the morning run or walk, while creative accessories and touches can elevate your outfit to the next level. Embrace the spirit of the event by getting creative with your attire, as the Red Dress Run is all about self-expression and embracing the fun-loving nature of New Orleans.

Red Dress Run 2023: Date & Location 

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Get ready to put on your best red dress and join the fun at Crescent Park, located in the vibrant and historic Bywater and French Quarter area of New Orleans! This highly-anticipated event will take place on August 12th, inviting participants to register online beforehand or pay in cash on the day itself. Don’t miss out on the exciting run, starting at 9:30 am sharp, followed by lunch at 11:30 and live music to keep the energy high. With admission priced at $65 and pre-registration available with a small processing fee, get ready to have a blast at this year’s event! 

Beyond the Run: Exploring a New Orleans City Tour 

Looking for another great adventure this hot summer season? Look no further than a New Orleans city bus tour! With comfortable, air-conditioned buses to make your journey more enjoyable, buckle up and get ready to explore and learn more about this amazing city. Sit back, relax, and let experienced New Orleans city tour guides take you on a captivating journey through the streets of town, sharing fascinating stories, history, and local insights along the way. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, a New Orleans city bus tour is the perfect way to beat the heat while immersing yourself in the rich culture and vibrant atmosphere of the Big Easy. 

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