New Orleans October 2020 Events

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With the introduction of the infamous coronavirus, our daily lives have looked a little different than usual. Popular events were cancelled and birthday celebrations were forced to reschedule, but Louisiana is known for not staying down for long. While many events have since gone virtual, New Orleans is still offering in-person family friendly events throughout the month of October.

1. Raine Bedsole Opening Reception – Water and Dreams

New orleans october 2020 events
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Interested in art? Check out Raine Bedsole’s eighth solo exhibition by the title of Water and Dreams. These mixed media pieces work together to represent the human adventure and showcase the roles water plays in history, world religion, and literature. The variety of multicolored sculptures is enough to capture any art lover’s attention.

Take a relaxing walk through this art exhibit every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for free until the end of October.

2. Restaurant Week New Orleans

New orleans october 2020 events

Cuisine is considered an essential part of New Orleans culture. The Louisiana Restaurant Association is bringing this to a front with their Restaurant Week. The event lasts from October 5th to October 11th and involves as many as three dozen restaurants offering special fixed-price menus to some of the most popular spots in town, from the French Quarter to neighborhood bistros. Featuring a mix of different styles, including but not limited to Cajun, French, Italian, Asian, and Middle Eastern, visitors and locals are sure to find a meal to please their tastebuds.

Restaurants will be offering both a dine in and take out option.

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New Orleans Swamp Tours

Got a taste of what Louisiana has to offer and searching for more? Take a trip down the Honey Island Swamp with Cajun Encounters. Guests can experience the beauty of one of the most untarnished ecosystems in America first-hand while learning about the plants and animals that inhabit it. With top experts as their guides, guests can rest assured that they will have the best educational experience possible. Cajun Encounters is working hard to ensure not only the satisfaction but also the safety of its visitors by implementing proper COVID-19 protocol.

New orleans october 2020 events

New Orleans French Quarter Tours

For those hoping to immerse themselves in New Orleans culture even more, New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours is the perfect place to see the best that the city has to offer. With tours through the French Quarter, cemeteries, and Garden District, visitors are able to see sights that only the Crescent City can offer. Guests can learn more about the history and culture from the mouths of certified tour guides, ensuring historically accurate and informative information with an entertaining twist. Similarly, to Cajun Encounters, New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours takes its visitors health and safety as their top priority. As a result, they have also implemented COVID-19 protocol to ensure their visitors can experience the best without fear.

Book a tour with Cajun Encounters today by visiting or calling 504.834.1770 or begin your walkthrough New Orleans by visiting or calling 504.503.0199