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New Orleans Tet Fest: Vietnamese New Year Celebration

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As the festive air descends upon New Orleans, the Mary Queen of Vietnam Church proudly presents Tet Festival 2024—an annual winter celebration that illuminates the city with the spirit of the Vietnamese New Year. From February 16-18, the church grounds in New Orleans East will transform into a haven of cultural immersion, welcoming attendees to experience the vibrancy of Tet Festival. 

Highlights of New Orleans Tet Festival

Women taking orders and preparing food at new orleans tet festival

At the heart of Tet Fest lies a captivating showcase of Vietnamese heritage. The festival’s performance schedule promises a weekend filled with lively acts, including dragon dances and live music showcases that offer a snapshot of the rich Vietnamese culture. The nighttime entertainment elevates the festival experience with music, dance, and nightly firework displays, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine takes center stage, with staples like spring rolls, báhn mì, and pho prepared by the Mary Queen of Vietnam Church, located at 14011 Dwyer Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70129. From beignet-like pastries to banana fritters and pandan waffles, Tet Fest offers a straightforward yet delightful journey through the flavors of Vietnam. 

New Orleans Tet Festival: Kids' Enjoyment and Affordability

Children and adults pretending to fish with toy fishing rods at new orleans tet festival
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Tet Fest is designed to be a family-centric and budget-friendly affair, ensuring everyone has a great time. Kids can hop on a charming train, enjoy pretend fishing, and explore an array of toys, creating simple yet memorable experiences. Affordability is a key focus, allowing attendees to relish authentic Vietnamese offerings without straining their wallets. With options starting at a budget-friendly $10, Tet Fest stands out as an accessible and enjoyable celebration for all. 

Tips for Tet Fest 

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As you gear up for Tet Festival, here are some practical tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  • Respect the Neighborhood: Keep in mind that Tet Fest takes place in a residential area where people live. Avoid being excessively loud or disruptive, and be mindful not to park too close to driveways, respecting the local community.
  • Explore Bayou Sauvage Trail: Enhance your Tet Fest experience by taking a leisurely stroll on the nearby Bayou Sauvage trail. It’s a tranquil escape, providing a moment of serenity amid the festive atmosphere.
  • Bring Cash: While there’s an ATM available, and some booths may accept cards, it’s advisable to bring cash for convenience. Streamline your transactions and avoid potential hiccups by having cash on hand.
  • Explore All Booths: While some booths may offer similar dishes, take the opportunity to explore them all. This not only ensures you get a variety of culinary experiences but also helps in case there’s a line at a particular booth. Don’t miss out on any hidden gems throughout the festival.

Conclude with a New Orleans City Bus Tour

After you experience the dynamic celebration of Vietnamese culture at the New Orleans Tet Festival from February 16-18, enhance your post-festival exploration with a New Orleans City Bus Tour!  Cajun Encounters’ City Bus Tour offers a comfortable and insightful journey through the diverse neighborhoods and rich history of our beloved New Orleans. Make the most of your time in the Crescent City, combining the vibrancy of Tet Fest with the immersive experience of a City Bus Tour. It’s a perfect way to round off your cultural exploration of this lively city, so book your spot today!

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