The Life of A Fox

The Life of a Fox

A small head popped out from behind a tree, its eyes looking over the terrain. It looked over the people that stood a couple of feet away from it, staying behind the tree, its tail wrapped around itself for warmth.

“Mommy, look it’s a fox!” A little girl smiled brightly, pointing over at the small fox that quickly got up. A flash of red rushed by the family, the little fox rushed to its new hiding spot away from any social interactions. The fox sits down, rubbing its head against its paw before a screech rang through the air. This poor fox wasn’t getting any breaks today. The young fox looked up in the air to see a hawk diving towards it. Quickly it began running from its predator, wishing to live another day. It travelled quickly through the swampy terrain, the bird following close behind until the fox hid underneath the steps of a house. The hawk landed on the steps briefly, waiting to see if its prey would emerge from its hiding place. However, eventually it gave up and flew away, leaving the fox to breathe heavily as it calmed down.

This was its life: run from tourists, run from predators, run from a lot of things actually. It lay down, its head resting on its paws as the sun began to rise, going from dawn to full daylight. It closed its eyes before falling asleep.
Hours later, the small fox opened its eyes slightly as daylight had turned to dusk, it slowly rose to begin its journey back to its home. Eyes opened and now fully awake it slowly emerged from behind the steps.

“Honey, get my gun! We got a vermin!” A man yelled, reaching his hand out as a shotgun was tossed his way. He aimed it at the small fox before shooting, the bullet grazing the small fox’s hind leg as it ran away. It slowed down once it was a safe distance away, looking back at tits wound. It whimpered in pain before being picked up.

“Don’t worry little guy, I’ll make sure you get fixed up,” a voice said. “I’ll try and stop these people from killing you.”

The young fox breathed calmly, knowing it was unable to run at this point. He only hoped that he didn’t share the same fate of his brothers and sisters.